MOLLE Equipment NSN's -

MOLLE Equipment NSN's

NEW:  See our MOLLE System Overview for a description of the major MOLLE sub-systems and components.

How to Purchase:  Unit-level supply personnel should use the Class II / IX supply system to requisition these items, whenever possible, although "sets" such as the "Rifleman Set" may not be available through the supply system.  For small-quantity orders (under $2500), IMPAC cards will work, using the links that are provided below.  Please Contact Us if you are trying to procure larger quantities.  Soldiers and leaders should use official channels to the maximum extent before spending their own money to purchase these items!

Army-Issue ("GI") MOLLE (ACU Pattern)
NSN Nomenclature Notes

Cargo-Carrying Equipment

8465-01-524-5250 Assault Pack Part of Rifleman Set; accessory for Rucksack
8465-01-524-7263 Waist Pack ("Butt Pack") Part of Rifleman Set; accessory for Assault Pack and Rucksack
8465-01-523-6276 MOLLE Rucksack ("Large Ruck") Multi-Part Assembly
8465-01-524-7226 Sustainment pouch Part of Rucksack; accessory for Assault Pack
8465-01-524-7232 Molded waist belt Part of Rucksack
8465-01-524-8407 E-tool carrier Accessory for Rucksack
No Known NSN Duffel Bag N/A

Rifleman-Specific Configuration

8465-01-525-0578 MOLLE Rifleman set Multi-Part Assembly
8465-01-525-0575 Fighting Load Carrier (FLC) set Part of Rifleman Set
8465-01-525-0606 M4/M16 double mag pouch Part of Rifleman Set
8465-01-525-0598 M4/M16 triple mag "shingle" ("side-by-side" magazines) Part of Rifleman Set
No Known NSN M4/M16 triple mag pouch ("stacked" magazines) N/A
8465-01-524-7309 M4/M16 6 magazine bandoleer Part of Rifleman Set

Shared ("Common-Core") Equipment

8465-01-525-0577 Fighting Load Carrier (FLC) Vest Part of Rifleman Set; accessory for others
8465-01-525-0585 Canteen pouch Part of Rifleman Set; accessory for others
8465-01-525-0589 Hand Grenade Pouch Part of Rifleman Set; accessory for others
8465-01-524-8396 / 8465-01-525-5531 MOLLE hydration system Part of Rifleman Set; accessory for others
8465-01-524-8362 / 8465-01-524-5232 MOLLE hydration carrier Part of Rifleman Set; accessory for others
8465-01-465-2096 / 8465-01-519-2304 100oz hydration bladder Part of Rifleman Set; accessory for others

Pistolman-Specific Configuration

8465-01-524-7328 Pistol set Multi-Part Assembly
8465-01-524-7361 9mm Pouch (single clip) Part of Pistol Set
No Known NSN 9mm Pouch (double clip) N/A
No Known NSN 9mm Pouch (triple clip) N/A
8465-01-524-7345 Holster Leg Extender (Drop Leg Platform) Part of Pistol Set

Medic-Specific Configuration

8465-01-524-7632 MOLLE Medic set Multi-Part Assembly
8465-01-524-7638 Medic pouch Part of Medic Set
8465-01-524-7635 Medic bag Part of Medic Set

Grenadier-Specific Configuration

8465-01-524-7624 MOLLE Grenadier set Multi-Part Assembly
8465-01-524-7625 40mm single high explosive pouch Part of Grenadier Set
8465-01-524-7628 40mm double high explosive pouch Part of Grenadier Set
8465-01-524-7636 40mm double pyrotechnic pouch Part of Grenadier Set

SAW Gunner-Specific Configuration

8465-01-524-7362 MOLLE SAW Gunner set Multi-Part Assembly
8465-01-524-7365 100 Round SAW pouch Part of SAW Gunner Set
8465-01-524-7620 200 round SAW pouch Part of SAW Gunner Set

Other Special-Purpose MOLLE Items

8465-01-524-7246 KA-Bar adapter N/A
8465-01-524-7253 ALICE clip adapter N/A
8465-01-524-7684 Radio pouch N/A
8465-01-524-7694 300 round linked ammo pouch For 7.62mm Ammunition
8465-01-524-7324 Flash bang grenade pouch A.K.A. "Cell Phone Pouch"
8465-01-524-7691 shotgun shell pouch N/A
8465-01-538-1514 pvs-14 pouch  N/A
8465-01-538-2043 pvs-14 pouch foam insert  N/A
Aftermarket MOLLE
NSN Nomenclature Notes
No Known NSN "Ranger Rack" Load Carrying Vest (pull-over style, no zipper) ACU Pattern
No Known NSN 9mm Pouch (Single / Double / Triple Clip) Black
No Known NSN 200 Round SAW Pouch Black
No Known NSN M4/M16 Single / Double / Triple Mag Pouch Black
No Known NSN MOLLE Drop Leg Platform (Pistol Holster Extender) Black
No Known NSN Blackwater Gear Universal MOLLE Pistol Holster Fits most medium and large-frame auto pistols, with or w/o flashlights
No Known NSN Leatherman Nylon Sheath Black
Blackhawk MOLLE (OD Green)
(Also See Blackhawk's Complete NSN List)
NSN Nomenclature Notes
6515-01-518-7552 chest harness od green just the harness, no pouches
8465-01-522-1025 Assault Pack od green
8465-01-533-3006 M4/M16 2 mag pouch od green
6530-01-518-0921 canteen pouch od green 
6530-01-518-0508 medical pouch od green
6530-01-518-0915 utility pouch od green
6530-01-518-0913 saw pouch w/det top od green
Blackhawk MOLLE (Black)
NSN Nomenclature Notes
8470-01-517-6329 chest harness black plates can be inserted into vest no pouches
No Known NSN Assault Pack Black
8465-01-517-6331 strike omega molle vest  black molle vest no pouches 
8465-01-517-7103 AK/M4 pouch  black 2 pouches holds 6 mags
8465-01-517-6328 radio pouch black for prc-112 radio
8465-01-517-6325 40mm triple pouch  black holds 3 40mm rounds
8465-01-517-2976 utility pouch black
1095-01-517-6326 M4 pistol pouch black molle pistol holster
8465-01-517-7106 2 pistol mag pouch black
8465-01-517-6324 3 M16 mag pouch black pouch side by side
8465-01-529-5696 radio pouch for mbitr radio
8465-01-533-3008 M4/M16 2 mag pouch black 
8465-01-517-4417 l.r.r.p butt pack  black butt pack 
Blackhawk MOLLE (Coyote Brown)
NSN Nomenclature Notes
8465-01-533-3007 M4/M16 2 mag pouch coyote brown
Eagle MOLLE (Coyote Brown)
NSN Nomenclature Notes
8465-01-516-7966 vest rhodesian recon coyote brown just the harness no pouches
8465-01-516-8426 40mm single pouch coyote brown
8465-01-516-7973 saw pouch w/det top coyote brown
8465-01-516-8384 M60 pouch w/det top coyote brown
8465-01-516-7974 pouch shotgun 24 rounds coyote brown
8465-01-516-7976 canteen pouch 1Q coyote brown
8465-01-516-7967 pouch frag grenade single coyote brown
8465-01-516-7960 hydration system coyote brown
8465-01-521-3530 medical pouch coyote brown
8465-01-516-8372 pistol mag pouch single coyote brown
8465-01-516-8370 M4 pouch holds 2 mags coyote brown
8465-01-516-7959 patrol pack coyote brown
8465-01-516-8435 radio patrol pack coyote brown
8465-01-516-8382 pouch smoke grenade coyote brown
8465-01-535-8399 M14 pouch holds 4 mags  
Camelbak MOLLE Vests
NSN Nomenclature Notes
8415-01-541-6338 Delta-5 Tactical Vest  black in color
8465-01-541-8890 Delta-5 Tactical Vest foilage green in color
Camelbak MOLLE (Black)
NSN Nomenclature Notes
8465-01-541-3389 2 mag pistol magazine pouch  black in color holds 9mm to 45cal magazines
8465-01-541-3390 M16 4 mag magazine pouch  black in color holds 4 magazines in two pouches
8465-01-541-3393 triple smg mag pouch black in color holds 3 30 round magazines 
8465-01-541-3391 flashlight pouch black in color most tactical flashlights
8465-01-541-3392 radio pouch  black in color holds most radios
8465-01-541-8683 accessory pouch  black in color holds other gear like a buttpack 
8465-01-541-3394 double handcuff case black in color holds 2 sets of handcuffs
Camelbak MOLLE (Green)
NSN Nomenclature Notes
8465-01-541-8667 pistol magazine pouch  pouch is green 
8465-01-541-8671 M4 rifle magazine pouch pouch is green 
8465-01-541-8682 triple smg mag pouch pouch is green 
8465-01-541-8674 accessory pouch  pouch is green 
8465-01-541-8673 radio pouch  pouch is green 
8465-01-541-8906 double handcuff case pouch is green 
Army-Issue ("GI") MOLLE (Desert Pattern)
NSN Nomenclature Notes
8465-01-491-6605 Rifleman set None
8465-01-491-7535 Grenadier set None
8465-01-491-7534 SAW Gunner set None
8465-01-491-7543 Pistol set None
8465-01-491-7547 Medic set None
8465-01-491-7519 main pack None
8465-01-515-7594 assault pack None
8465-01-496-1080 medic bag None
8465-01-491-7429 molded waist belt None
8465-01-491-7508 sleeping bag carrier  None
8465-01-491-7451 vest None
8465-01-494-0272 canteen pouch None
8465-01-496-1083 medic pouch None
8465-01-491-7511 sustainment pouch None
8465-01-491-7444 100 round pouch None
8465-01-491-7522 200 round pouch None
8465-01-515-7639 300 round ammo pouch None
8465-01-491-7526 40mm double pouch None
8465-01-491-7527 40mm single pouch None
8465-01-491-7529 40mm double pyro pouch None
8465-01-515-7562 2 magazine M16 pouch None
8465-01-491-7435 2 magazine M16 pouch None
8465-01-491-7517 M4/M16 6 magazine bandoleer None
8465-01-491-7520 9mm pouch None
8465-01-491-7431 hand grenade pouch  None
8465-01-491-7446 radio pouch None
8465-01-515-7575 shotgun shell pouch None
8465-01-491-7445 waist pack None
8465-01-491-7443 alice clip adapter None
8465-01-491-7525 k-bar adapter None
8465-01-491-7513 rucksack shoulder straps None
8465-01-491-7450 hydration system  None
8465-01-491-7509 hydration system  None
8465-01-465-2096 100oz hydration bladder None
8465-01-491-7440 utility belt None
8465-01-515-7644 holster leg extender  None
8465-01-491-7447 lashing straps  None
Army-Issue ("GI") MOLLE (Coyote Brown)
NSN Nomenclature Notes
8465-01-532-2333 Grenadier set None
8465-01-532-2310 Pistolman set None
8465-01-532-2396 SAW Gunner set None
8465-01-532-2308 alice clip adapter None
8465-01-532-2329 k-bar adapter None
8465-01-532-2306 hand grenade pouch None
8465-01-532-2302 fighting load carrier None
8465-01-532-2332 9mm pouch single None
8465-01-532-2304 M16 double mag pouch None
8465-01-532-2393 40mm double pyro pouch None
8465-01-532-2392 40mm double pouch None
8465-01-532-2391 40mm single pouch None
8465-01-532-2399 200 round saw pouch None
8465-01-532-2397 100 round pouch None
8465-01-532-2303 canteen pouch None
8465-01-532-2301 M16 6 mag bandoleer None
Army-Issue ("GI") MOLLE  (Arctic White)
NSN Nomenclature Notes
8465-01-494-6455 Rifleman set None
8465-01-494-6463 Medic set None
8465-01-494-8045 Pistol set None
8465-01-494-8051 SAW gunner set None
8465-01-494-8059 Grenadier set None
8465-01-495-0053 fighting load carrier  None
8465-01-494-6795 main pack None
8465-01-494-7237 frame shoulder strap  None
8465-01-494-9612 molded waist belt None
8465-01-494-8072 hydration system None
8465-01-495-0057 hydration system carrier None
8465-01-494-8099 patrol pack None
8465-01-496-1082 medical bag None
8465-01-496-1085 medical pouch  None
8465-01-494-8235 waist pack None
8465-01-494-9297 40mm single pouch  None
8465-01-494-9665 40mm double pouch None
8465-01-494-9299 40mm double pyro pouch None
8465-01-494-9267 100 round pouch None
8465-01-494-9301 200 round saw pouch None
8465-01-494-9712 M16/M4 2 magazine pouch None
8465-01-494-9670 M16/M4 6 magazine bandoleer None
8465-01-494-9714 hand grenade pouch None
8465-01-494-9780 9MM single magazine pouch  None
8465-01-494-9838 canteen pouch None
8465-01-495-0047 sustainment pouch None
8465-01-495-0051 sleep carrier system None
8465-01-495-0054 radio pouch None
8465-01-495-0058 lashing straps  None
8465-01-495-0060 alice clip adapter  None
8465-01-495-0063 k-bar adapter  None
Army-Issue ("GI") MOLLE  (Woodland Camo)
NSN Nomenclature Notes
8465-01-459-6572 Rifleman set None
8564-01-459-6582 Grenadier set None
8465-01-459-6584 Pistol set None
8465-01-459-6580 SAW Gunner set None
8465-01-459-6585 Medic set None
8465-01-465-2272 ka-bar adapter None
8465-01-465-2062 alice clip adapter None
8465-01-465-2124 sleeping bag pouch None
8465-01-484-0450 canteen pouch None
8465-01-465-2056 vest None
8465-01-465-2152 pouch sustainment None
8465-01-465-2088 patol pack None
8465-01-465-2057 radio pouch None
8465-01-465-2058 waist pack None
8465-01-465-2070 100 round pouch None
8465-01-465-2263 200 round pouch None
8465-01-513-4186 300 round bag None
8465-01-465-7638 medic pouch None
8465-01-465-2092 M16 pouch double mag None
8465-01-465-4416 40mm single pouch None
8465-01-465-2155 9mm pouch None
8465-01-465-4417 40mm double pouch None
8465-01-465-2093 hand grenade pouch None
8465-01-465-2144 M4/M16 6 magazine bandoleer None
8465-01-465-2154 molle hydration system None
8465-01-513-4067 shotgun shell pouch None

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