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The ArmyProperty team is committed to maintaining the security of sensitive operational data, especially during a time of war.  Our development team includes numerous individuals with combat deployments from the fire team leader to Company Commander levels, and we do not treat the subject of information security lightly. We have briefed the highest levels of the military's leadership, including the Army G4's office, LOGSA, and Army Materiel Command on the ArmyProperty project, and our company is a registered U.S. Department of Defense contracting firm with offices in Michigan and Virginia.

All items of information (BII listings, component hand receipts, etc) contained in this site are based on open-source documents that have been approved by the US Government for public distribution.  The COEI / BII lists, SKO's, and Component Hand Receipts are, by and large, products of the Army LOGSA public site, and the PS Magazine excerpts are also available from LOGSA online to anyone who wants to view them.

Our property-management software package is intended to supplement the Army's supply system and compensate for some of its shortfalls (specifically, the lack of automated logistics-management tools for all personnel below the company commander / Supply NCO level).  The online database that we have selected to employ contains multiple security features to prevent unauthorized access to your information.   Even if it is compromised, it does not contain unique or targetable information such as UIC's, SSN's, or complete unit designations and duty stations.  The PACOM CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) at Fort Shafter, Hawaii has verified our security measures.  (As a point of comparison, the Army's entire deployed OIF/OEF equipment database was compromised in April 2007, and UIC-level property book information, extracted from PBUSE, was posted online for the entire world to see.)

In order to validate requests for access to our secured access area, during the application process you are required to submit your AKO address, and your supervisor's as well.  This is to confirm your identity (and provide chain-of-command visibility), since only US Army personnel are allowed to create accounts; in the future, members of the other government agencies may be allowed onto it as well.  However, we will never ask you for your AKO password, and we will NEVER give your e-mail address to anyone else such as 3rd party marketers or "spammers."

If you become concerned that any information posted on this site (or on our forums) may be sensitive or classified, please contact our team immediately.  We will conduct an evaluation and remove anything that does not belong here.  We appreciate your support in helping to keep this site secure and user-friendly.

Also, for your awareness, you will see advertisements on this site.  They are intended to offset the cost of producing and hosting the content, including a customized online software package, manual research, security features, etc.  There is also an online store which is intended for unit-level or personal purchasing, if you have already tried and failed to procure your items using the Army supply system.  The ArmyProperty system was invented in Baghdad by a former company commander (2 tours in Iraq with 3ID) who "feels the pain" of those who are on the job right now, and who is doing his part to make their jobs a little less difficult, at least when it comes to property management. 


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