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MOLLE Hydration System, 100oz
NSN 8465-01-524-8396 OR 8465-01-525-5531 (ACU Pattern)

MOLLE Hydration System

Available Now -- $56.20


This is the official "issue" hydration system which the Army distributes to deploying units, in addition to the MOLLE Rifleman Set and other items in the RFI ensemble.  There are two versions, an older "Storm" system and a newer one made by SDS.  ( sells the newer SDS model, which is pictured above.)  

Some units require their Soldiers to use this system, although many more are allowing the purchase of aftermarket hydration systems from Camelbak, Blackhawk, and other companies.

Camelbak Blackhawk

The MOLLE hydration system consists of three basic parts:  A bladder, a bite valve, and a carrier, along with one extra part depending on the version.  Here are the appropriate NSN's.

  "Storm" (Old) SDS (New)
"Overall" System / Assembly NSN 8465-01-524-8396 8465-01-525-5531
1.  Removable 100oz bladder 8465-01-465-2096 8465-01-519-2304
2.  Carrier, foam-lined for insulation, with cordura outer shell and shoulder straps 8465-01-524-5232 8465-01-524-8362
3.  Bite Valve 8465-01-472-5106 8465-01-519-2383
Extra parts (version specific) 8465-01-4499-9948 (Hydro-Link Conversion Kit) 8465-01-519-2385 (Drink Tube, Hydration System)

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