Our Mission

The mission of ArmyProperty.com is to build powerful software that puts the tools of professional logisticians into the hands of combat Soldiers. Our system was invented in Iraq in 2005, and it lets small units easily manage and delegate combat equipment at the squad / detachment, platoon, or higher levels, if PBUSE or other tools are not available or sufficient.  Authorized users can view component listings extracted from TM's, and create component hand receipts, shortage annexes, asset visibility reports, and other products, in a matter of minutes instead of hours or days.

The ArmyProperty.com system is free for individual users

Our development team has 106 months of total overseas service, including multiple combat deployments at the fire team leader through Company Commander levels. Our extremely close connection with users in the field enables us to design and deploy new features and capabilities, months or years before the acquisition system decides they are necessary. Because we are not constrained by the process of replying to formal solicitations and "requirements documents," we can rapidly respond to the evolving needs of units and Soldiers deployed worldwide, who do not have time to wait for a "school solution."

Over 28,000 officers, NCOs, and Soldiers have registered for unit-level and individual accounts

The Army G4's office, LOGSA, AMC, and other agencies, as well as multiple officersat the O-6 level and above, have been briefed on our system. In addition, the ArmyProperty team has been awarded numerous contracts by the Army, Navy, and Air Force, as well as other goverment agencies. As a commercial product, most of our system's features are free, but some of our advanced software tools require the purchase of a unit license. This is trade-off that we are forced to accept in the time-honored tradition of bottom-up adoption that has brought innovations such as the Camelbak, SCAR rifle, MultiCam uniform, and Advanced Combat Helmet into widespread use and high-level recognition.