Paper Shredder NSN's -

Paper Shredder NSN's

The Fellowes ìPowershred 220î strip-cut shredder is for light-duty office applications. Includes a separate slot to shred CDís. Small yet powerful, this shredder features a 10" entry width and easily handles all standard size office documents. Electronic automatic start/stop provides convenient, one-handed operation. Other features include automatic stop (with indicator light) when bin is full and automatic shut-off when door is ajar. Shreds up to 14 to 16 sheets per pass into 1/2" strips at a speed of 24 feet per minute. Heavy-duty quiet motors allow for extended shredding cycles. Waste container capacity 18 gallons.  Fellowes Powershred 220 Strip-Cut Shredder
NSN 7490-01-390-6147 (Fellowes P/N 38221)

The Fellowes PS60CC ìPersonal-size Paper Shredding machineî features a 9" entry width and can handle all standard-size office documents. Shreds seven sheets per pass (25 to 50 shredding passes per day; approximately 350 sheets total) into confetti-like particles (5/32" x 1-3/8"), resulting in greater security and less frequently emptied wastebaskets. Exclusive ìPowershredî cutting system accepts staples, credit cards, and small paper clips. Heavy-duty quiet motor allows for extended shredding cycle and less downtime. Clear window in 6-1/2 gallon wastebasket allows user to see when the basket is full. Fellowes PowerShredder PS-60 
NSN 7490-01-450-4974 (Fellowes P/N PS60CC)
Silver/Graphite; 8" x 14-1/4" x 10"

The Fellowes PS70 ìPersonal Seriesî Deluxe Desk-Side Shredder includes a unique integrated stand with separate wastebasket that allows the removal of the basket without lifting the shredder. Strip-cut shredder features automatic start/stop, 1/8" hp motor and a 9-1/2" throat. This PS70 model shreds up to 12 sheets of paper at a time.  Fellowes Powershred Personal Shredder,  Model PS70, CD/DVDs, Heavy Duty, Strip-Cut, 14 Sheets, 9", Throat, Black
NSN 7490-01-390-6162 (Fellowes P/N 36170 or PS70) 
Dove Gray; 16-1/2" x 11" x 20-1/2"

The ìPersonal Seriesî Deluxe Desk-Side Shredder offers cross-cutting and includes a unique stand that allows removal of the wastebasket without lifting the shredder. Features automatic start/stop, 1/8" hp motor and a 9-1/2" throat. This PS80 model shreds up to 7 sheets of paper at a time into 5/32" x 4/5" unreadable, confetti-like particles.  Fellowes PS80C-2 Shredder
NSN 7490-01-390-6163 (Fellowes P/N 36180 or PS80C-2) 
Dove Gray; 16-1/2" x 11" x 20-1/2"


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