Army Combat Uniform (ACU) NSN's -

Army Combat Uniform (ACU) NSN's

(Shirt / Jacket, Trousers, and Sand Color Rigger's Belt)

NSN ACU Shirt / Jacket
8415-01-527-5215 ACU coat size x-small xx-short
8415-01-519-8487 ACU coat size x-small x-short
8415-01-519-8491 ACU coat size x-small short
8415-01-519-8497 ACU coat size x-small regular
8415-01-527-5047 ACU coat size x-small long
8415-01-527-5048 ACU coat size x-small x-long
8415-01-519-8499 ACU coat size small xx-short
8415-01-519-8500 ACU coat size small x-short
8415-01-519-8502 ACU coat size small short
8415-01-519-8501 ACU coat size small regular
8415-01-519-8504 ACU coat size small long
8415-01-519-8506 ACU coat size small x-long
8415-01-519-8505 ACU coat size medium xx-short
8145-01-519-8507 ACU coat size medium x-short
8415-01-519-8509 ACU coat size medium short
8415-01-519-8510 ACU coat size medium regular
8415-01-519-8512 ACU coat size medium long
8415-01-519-8513 ACU coat size medium x-long
8415-01-527-5218 ACU coat size medium xx-long
8415-01-527-5219 ACU coat size large xx-short
8415-01-519-8514 ACU coat size large x-short
8415-01-519-8532 ACU coat size large short
8415-01-519-8599 ACU coat size large regular
8415-01-519-8607 ACU coat size large long
8415-01-519-8608 ACU coat size large x-long
8415-01-519-8611 ACU coat size large xx-long
8415-01-527-5220 ACU coat size x-large xx-short
8415-01-527-5222 ACU coat size x-large x-short
8415-01-527-5049 ACU coat size x-large short
8415-01-519-8613 ACU coat size x-large regular
8415-01-519-8610 ACU coat size x-large long
8415-01-519-8609 ACU coat size x-large x-long
8415-01-527-5223 ACU coat size x-large xx-long
8415-01-527-5051 ACU coat size xx-large regular 
8415-01-527-5053 ACU coat size xx-large long 
8415-01-519-8612 ACU coat size xx-large x-long
8415-01-527-5224 ACU coat size xx-large xx-long
NSN ACU Trousers
8415-01-519-8277 ACU trousers size x-small x-short
8415-01-519-8404 ACU trousers size x-small short
8415-01-519-8410 ACU trousers size x-small regular
8415-01-519-8427 ACU trousers size x-small long
8415-01-519-8408 ACU trousers size x-small x-long
8415-01-519-8279 ACU trousers size x-small xx-long
8415-01-519-8416 ACU trousers size small x-short
8415-01-519-8414 ACU trousers size small short
8415-01-519-8423 ACU trousers size small regular
8415-01-519-8418 ACU trousers size small long
8415-01-519-8419 ACU trousers size small x-long
8415-01-527-5247 ACU trousers size small xx-long
8415-01-519-8422 ACU trousers size medium x-short
8415-01-519-8426 ACU trousers size medium short
8415-01-519-8429 ACU trousers size medium regular
8415-01-519-8430 ACU trousers size medium long
8415-01-519-8431 ACU trousers size medium x-long
8415-01-527-5266 ACU trousers size medium xx-long
8415-01-527-5269 ACU trousers size large x-short
8415-01-519-8532 ACU trousers size large short
8415-01-519-8435 ACU trousers size large regular
8415-01-519-8434 ACU trousers size large long
8415-01-519-8436 ACU trousers size large x-long
8415-01-527-5273 ACU trousers size large xx-long
8415-01-527-5274 ACU trousers size x-large x-short
8415-01-519-8444 ACU trousers size x-large short
8415-01-519-8445 ACU trousers size x-large regular
8415-01-519-8446 ACU trousers size x-large long
8415-01-527-5275 ACU trousers size x-large x-long
8415-01-527-5277 ACU trousers size x-large xx-long
8415-01-527-5290 ACU trousers size xx-large x-short
8415-01-527-5291 ACU trousers size xx-large short
8415-01-519-8447 ACU trousers size xx-large regular
8415-01-527-5292 ACU trousers size xx-large long
8415-01-527-5293 ACU trousers size xx-large x-long
8415-01-527-5296 ACU trousers size xx-large xx-long
NSN Rigger's Belt, Sand Color
8415-01-526-5346 Rigger's belt sand color size 34
8415-01-526-5348 Rigger's belt sand color size 40
8415-01-526-5350 Rigger's belt sand color size 44
8415-01-526-5352 Rigger's belt sand color size 46
8415-01-526-5353 Rigger's belt sand color size 52

Other ACU Items: 

ACU Standard Uniform Coat and Trousers; Rigger's Belt, Sand Color
ACU Insignia (Rank, Qual Badges, Nametapes, US Flag, etc)
ACU Unit Patches
ACU Undershirt, Silk Weight Underwear, and Army Combat Shirt
ACU Wet / Cold Weather Gear (Poncho, Rainsuit, Gore-Tex, etc)
ACU Headgear (Patrol Cap, Boonie Cap, ACH Cover, Balaclava, etc)
ACU Gloves and Mittens
ACU Knee and Elbow Pads
ACU MOLLE Equipment Items
ACU Aircrew Uniforms, Mechanics' Coveralls, and CVC Coveralls
ACU Air Warrior System Items
ACU JSLIST and Chemical Protective Coveralls
ACU Maternity Uniforms