Army Combat Uniform (ACU) Unit Insignia / Unit Patch NSN's -

Army Combat Uniform (ACU) NSN's

Unit Patches; Shoulder Sleeve Insignia (Foliage Green w/ Velcro)

ACU NAME TAPE (BLANK) 8455-00-000-9995  
ACU "US ARMY" TAPE 8455-01-531-6334  
US Flag 8455-01-524-4476  
Ranger Tab 8455-01-524-4893  
SF Tab 8455-01-524-5121  
Airborne Tab 8455-01-524-5142  
"Mountain" Tab 8455-01-524-5148  
Multi-National Force Iraq (MNF-I) 8455-01-536-4770 Purchase
1st Army 8455-01-528-8566 Purchase
2nd Army NSN Not Known Purchase
3rd Army (US Army Central / ARCENT) 8455-01-528-7625 Purchase
4th Army NSN Not Known Purchase
5th Army (US Army North) 8455-01-528-9643 Purchase
6th Army NSN Not Known Purchase
7th Army 8455-01-528-8954 Purchase
8th Army "EUSA" 8455-01-528-8841 Purchase
Combined Field Army, Republic of Korea 8455-01-528-8873  
US Army star logo 8455-01-541-3162 Purchase
Multi-National Corps Iraq (MNC-I) -- unverified NSN 8455-01-536-4768 Purchase
Multi-National Corps Iraq (MNC-I) -- unverified NSN 8455-01-536-4770 Purchase
Multi-National Corps Iraq (MNC-I) -- MOST LIKELY TRUE NSN, based on multiple sources 8455-01-536-5388 Purchase
I Corps 8455-01-528-7622 Purchase
III Corps 8455-01-528-7633 Purchase
V Corps 8455-01-528-7652 Purchase
VII Corps NSN Not Known Purchase
IX Corps 8455-01-528-9069 Purchase
XVIII Airborne Corps 8455-01-528-7630 Purchase
XVIII Airborne Corps (Reversed, for Right Shoulder) NSN Not Known Purchase
1st Cavalry Division "First Team" 8455-01-528-7580 Purchase
1st Armored Division "Old Ironsides" 8455-01-528-7707 Purchase
2nd Armored Division "Hell on Wheels" NSN Not Known Purchase
3rd Armored Division "Spearhead" NSN Not Known Purchase
49th Armored Division "Lone Star" 8455-01-528-8903 Purchase
1st Infantry Division "Big Red One" (We believe this NSN is for Black Numeral on Foliage Green patch) 8455-01-528-7689 Purchase
1st Infantry Division "Big Red One" (Red Numeral on Foliage Green Patch) NSN Not Known Purchase
2d Infantry Division "Second to None" 8455-01-528-7598 Purchase
3rd Infantry Division "Rock of the Marne" 8455-01-528-7610 Purchase
4th Infantry Division 8455-01-528-7589 Purchase
5th Infantry Division NSN Not Known Purchase
7th Infantry Division 8455-01-528-9070 Purchase
8th Infantry Division NSN Not Known Purchase
9th Infantry Division NSN Not Known Purchase
10th Mountain Division "Climb to Glory" 8455-01-528-7722 Purchase
24th Infantry Division 8455-01-528-8630  
25th Infantry Division "Tropic Lightning" 8455-01-528-7594 Purchase
26th Infantry Division NSN Not Known Purchase
28th Infantry Division 8455-01-528-9135, 8455-01-546-1776 Purchase
29th Infantry Division 8455-01-528-8720  
34th Infantry Division 8455-01-528-8759  
35th Infantry Division 8455-01-528-8774  
36th Infantry Division 8455-01-534-6956 Purchase
38th Infantry Division 8455-01-528-8816  
40th Infantry Division 8455-01-528-8825 Purchase
42nd Infantry Division 8455-01-528-7669 Purchase
63rd Infantry Division NSN Not Known Purchase
70th division usar  8455-01-547-9455  
78th Training Division 8455-01-528-8953  
80th Training Division 8455-01-528-8805  
82nd Airborne Division "All American" 8455-01-528-7649 Purchase
84th Training Division 8455-01-528-8808  
85th Training Division 8455-01-528-8809  
88th Infantry Division NSN Not Known Purchase
91st Division 8455-01-528-8849  
91st Training Division 8455-01-528-9090  
95th Training Division 8455-01-528-8851  
98th Training Division 8455-01-528-8854  
100th Training Division 8455-01-528-8441  
101st Airborne Division "Screaming Eagles" 8455-01-528-7675 Purchase
101st Airborne Division (Reversed, for Right Shoulder) NSN Not Known Purchase
104th Training Division 8455-01-528-8447  
108th Training Division 8455-01-528-8449  
1st Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF) NSN Not Known Purchase
1st Marine Division NSN Not Known Purchase
2nd Marine Division NSN Not Known Purchase
3rd Marine Division NSN Not Known Purchase
2nd (Armored / Light / Stryker) Cavalry Regiment "Toujours Pret" 8455-01-528-7692 Purchase
3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment "Brave Rifles" 8455-01-528-7603 Purchase
6th Cavalry Regiment NSN Not Known Purchase
6th Cavalry Brigade 8455-01-528-8940 Purchase
11th Armored Cavalry Regiment "Blackhorse" 8455-01-528-7602 Purchase
30th Armored Brigade NSN Not Known Purchase
31st Armored Brigade 8455-01-528-8744 Purchase
40th Armored Brigade NSN Not Known Purchase
86th (IBCT) Armored Brigade NSN Not Known Purchase
107th Armored Cavalry Regiment NSN Not Known Purchase
155th Armored Brigade 8455-01-528-7701  
116th Armored Cavalry Regiment 8455-01-528-7681 Purchase
163rd Armored Cavalry Regiment NSN Not Known Purchase
177th Armored Brigade 8455-01-528-9547 Purchase
194th Armored Brigade NSN Not Known Purchase
238th Regiment National Guard Schools 8455-01-528-8629  
278th Armored Cavalry Regiment 8455-01-528-7702 Purchase
75th Ranger Regiment 8455-01-528-7724 Purchase
1st Ranger Battalion 8455-01-528-7711 Purchase
2nd Ranger Battalion 8455-01-528-7712 Purchase
3rd Ranger Battalion 8455-01-528-7715 Purchase
Special Operations Command  8455-01-528-7727
Special Forces Groups 8455-01-528-7666 Purchase
Asymmetric Warfare Group  8455-01-552-3961  
1st Special Operations Command 8455-01-528-7713  
US Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command 8455-01-528-8966 Purchase
1st Information Operations Command  8455-01-534-2576, 8455-01-534-2585 Purchase
11th Air Defense Artillery Brigade 8455-01-528-9636  
31st Air Defense Artillery Brigade 8455-01-528-8727  
35th Air Defense Artillery Brigade 8455-01-528-9538  
108th Air Defense Artillery Brigade 8455-01-528-9634  
111th Air Defense Artillery Brigade 8455-01-528-8450  
263rd Air Defense Artillery Brigade 8455-01-528-8717  
1st Aviation Brigade 8455-01-528-8590 Purchase
11th Aviation Brigade 8455-01-528-8453  
12th Aviation Brigade 8455-01-528-8456  
17th Aviation Brigade 8455-01-528-8552  
18th Aviation Brigade 8455-01-528-8555 Purchase
20th aviation brigade 8455-01-542-3610  
66th Aviation Brigade 8455-01-528-8938  
77th aviation brigade  8455-01-550-8355  
110th aviation brigade  8455-01-534-9101  
185th aviation brigade  8455-01-552-7366  
244th Aviation Brigade NSN Not Known Purchase
3rd Chemical Brigade NSN Not Known Purchase
48th chemical brigade  8455-01-550-8971  
404th Chemical Brigade 8455-01-528-8824 Purchase
415th Chemical Brigade 8455-01-528-9573  
460th Chemical Brigade 8455-01-528-8848  
464th Chemical Brigade 8455-01-528-9613  
95th Civil Affairs Brigade  8455-01-550-8338  
304th Civil Affairs Brigade 8455-01-528-9626  
321st Civil Affairs Brigade 8455-01-528-9623  
351st Civil Affairs Brigade 8455-01-528-9465  
352nd Civil Affairs Brigade 8455-01-528-9473  
353rd Civil Affairs Brigade 8455-01-528-9417  
354th Civil Affairs Brigade 8455-01-528-9474  
358th Civil Affairs Brigade 8455-01-528-9409  
360th Civil Affairs Brigade 8455-01-528-9468  
361st Civil Affairs Brigade 8455-01-528-8812  
364th Civil Affairs Brigade 8455-01-528-9413  
7th Engineer Brigade NSN Not Known Purchase
16th Engineer Brigade 8455-01-528-9216  
18th Engineer Brigade 8455-01-528-9061 Purchase
19th Engineer Brigade 8455-01-528-8564  
20th Engineer Brigade 8455-01-528-8620 Purchase
30th Engineer Brigade 8455-01-528-9407  
35th Engineer Brigade 8455-01-528-8760  
36th Engineer Group "Rugged Seahorse" 8455-01-541-3141  
111th engineering brigade  8455-01-550-8740  
130th Engineer Brigade 8455-01-528-8459  
411th Engineer Brigade 8455-01-528-8827  
420th Engineer Brigade 8455-01-528-8834  
555th engineer Group  8455-01-535-1376  
926th engineer brigade  8455-01-550-8482  
17th Field Artillery Brigade 8455-01-528-8554  
18th Field Artillery Brigade 8455-01-528-8557  
41st Field Artillery Brigade 8455-01-528-8830  
45th Field Artillery Brigade 8455-01-528-8846  
54th Field Artillery Brigade, Virginia, Army NG 8455-01-528-8916  
57th Field Artillery Brigade 8455-01-528-8920  
75th Field Artillery Brigade 8455-01-528-8948  
103rd Field Artillery Brigade 8455-01-528-8444  
113th Field Artillery Brigade 8455-01-528-8452  
115th Field Artillery Brigade NSN Not Known Purchase
130th Field Artillery Brigade 8455-01-528-8460  
135th Field Artillery Brigade 8455-01-528-8461  
138th Field Artillery Brigade 8455-01-528-8465  
142nd Field Artillery Brigade 8455-01-528-8466  
151st Field Artillery Brigade 8455-01-528-8538  
153rd Field Artillery Brigade 8455-01-528-8539  
169th Field Artillery Brigade 8455-01-528-8548  
196th Field Artillery Brigade 8455-01-528-8561  
197th Field Artillery Brigade 8455-01-528-8562  
209 Field Artillery Brigade 8455-01-528-9475  
212th Field Artillery Brigade 8455-01-528-8622  
214th Field Artillery Brigade 8455-01-528-8628  
479th Field Artillery Brigade 8455-01-528-9505  
631st Field Artillery Brigade 8455-01-528-8923  
27th infantry brigade  8455-01-552-3954  
29th Infantry Brigade 8455-01-528-7532 Purchase
30th Infantry Brigade 8455-01-528-8725  
32nd Infantry Brigade 8455-01-528-8745  
37th infantry brigade  8455-01-552-7341  
39th Infantry Brigade 8455-01-528-9161  
41st Infantry Brigade 8455-01-528-8832  
45th  Infantry Brigade 8455-01-528-8843  
48th Infantry Brigade 8455-01-528-8901  
53rd Infantry Brigade 8455-01-528-8911  
76th infantry brigade  8455-01-541-3213  
81st Infantry Brigade 8455-01-528-9246  
86th infantry brigade combat team  8455-01-547-9451  
92nd Infantry Brigade 8455-01-528-8850  
116th infantry brigade  8455-01-541-3151 Purchase
149th infantry brigade combat team  8455-01-539-5259  
158th infantry brigade  8455-01-552-3857  
157th Infantry Brigade 8455-01-528-9130  
165th infantry brigade  8455-01-550-8735  
172d Infantry Brigade 8455-01-528-7620  
173rd Airborne Brigade 8455-01-528-7568  
192nd infantry brigade  8455-01-550-7195  
199th Infantry Brigade 8455-01-528-8563  
205th Infantry Brigade 8455-01-528-9134  
218th Infantry Brigade 8455-01-528-8624  
256th Infantry Brigade 8455-01-528-7607  
442nd Infantry Regiment 8455-01-528-9064  
1st Medical Brigade NSN Not Known Purchase
2nd Medical Brigade 8455-01-528-9627  
4th Medical Brigade NSN Not Known Purchase
8th Medical Brigade 8455-01-528-8844 Purchase
44th Medical Brigade 8455-01-528-8837  
330th Medical Brigade 8455-01-528-8747  
332nd medical brigade  8455-01-550-8512  
807th Medical Brigade 8455-01-528-8757  
66th Military Intelligence Brigade NSN Not Known Purchase
201st Military Intelligence Brigade 8455-01-528-8597  
205th Military Intelligence Brigade 8455-01-528-8604 Purchase
300th Military Intelligence Brigade 8455-01-528-8722 Purchase
501st Military Intelligence Brigade 8455-01-528-8907  
504th Miltary Intelligence Brigade 8455-01-528-9639  
513th Military Intelligence Brigade 8455-01-528-8908  
525th Military Intelligence Brigade 8455-01-528-8910  
650th military intelligence Group  8455-01-544-9548  
704th military intelligence Brigade  8455-01-552-3941  
8th Military Police Brigade NSN Not Known Purchase
11th Military Police Brigade 8455-01-535-1403 Purchase
14th Military Police Brigade 8455-01-528-8472  
16th Military Police Brigade 8455-01-528-8549 Purchase
18th Military Police Brigade 8455-01-528-8559 Purchase
42nd Military Police Brigade 8455-01-536-5079 Purchase
43rd Military Police Brigade 8455-01-528-9164  
49th Military Police Brigade 8455-01-528-8906 Purchase
89th Military Police Brigade 8455-01-528-8813 Purchase
177th Military Police Brigade 8455-01-528-8550  
220th Military Police Brigade NSN Not Known Purchase
260th Military Police Brigade 8455-01-528-8644  
300th Military Police Brigade 8455-01-528-8723 Purchase
800th Military Police Brigade 8455-01-528-8751; 8455-01-528-8753  
11th Signal Brigade 8455-01-528-8455  
1108th Signal Brigade 8455-01-528-9619  
142nd Signal Brigade 8455-01-528-8467  
160th Signal Brigade 8455-01-528-8543  
1st Signal Brigade 8455-01-528-8570 Purchase
228th Signal Brigade 8455-01-528-9511  
22nd Signal Brigade 8455-01-528-8626 Purchase
359th Signal Brigade 8455-01-528-9570  
35th Signal Brigade 8455-01-528-9504 Purchase
2nd Signal Brigade 8455-01-528-8721 Purchase
3rd Signal Brigade 8455-01-528-8819 Purchase
7th Signal Brigade 8455-01-528-8748 Purchase
93rd Signal Brigade 8455-01-528-9534  
2nd Support Brigade NSN Not Known Purchase
184th Transportation Brigade 8455-01-528-9165  
13th Support Brigade NSN Not Known Purchase
15th Sustainment Brigade NSN Not Known Purchase
115th support group  8455-01-538-0264  
55th sustainment brigade  8455-01-545-8226  
108th sustainment brigade  8455-01-550-8901  
287th sustainment brigade 8455-01-550-8907  
402nd support brigade  8455-01-550-8941  
593rd sustainment brigade  8455-01-550-8978  
3rd sustainment brigade  8455-01-534-9069  
4th sustainment brigade  8455-01-534-9093  
10th sustainment brigade  8455-01-536-2686  
7th sustainment brigade  8455-01-528-8750  
16th sustainment brigade  8455-01-553-1678  
230th susainment brigade tennessee ANG 8455-01-553-1694  
401st support brigade  8455-01-550-8744  
45th sustainment brigade  8455-01-550-7200  
501st sustainment brigade  8455-01-550-8381  
1st sustainment brigade  8455-01-550-8485  
321st sustainment brigade 8455-01-541-0685  
304th sustainment brigade 8455-01-541-0722  
Berlin Brigade NSN Not Known Purchase
100th missile defense brigade  8455-01-535-2796  
1st space brigade  8455-01-541-0714  
Air Defense Center and Fort Bliss 8455-01-528-9091 Purchase
Armor Center 8455-01-528-8857  
Armor School 8455-01-528-9405 Purchase
Armor Training Center 8455-01-528-9406  
Infantry School and Center 8455-01-528-9536  
Army Aviation Center and School 8455-01-528-8863 Purchase
Aviation Logistics School NSN Not Known Purchase
Army Chemical School 8455-01-528-9094 Purchase
Army Element School of Music Naval Amphibious Base 8455-01-528-9531  
Army Element, Defense Institute Foreign Language Center 8455-01-528-9635  
Army ROTC Cadet Command and Senior ROTC 8455-01-528-8869 Purchase
Army War College 8455-01-528-9616  
Chaplain Center and School 8455-01-528-9620 Purchase
Command & General Staff College, Combined Arms Center Fort Leavenworth 8455-01-528-8871 Purchase
Corps of Engineers 8455-01-528-8875 Purchase
Field Artillery School 8455-01-528-8880  
Us Military Academy at West Point 8455-01-541-0519  
Us Army Training Center and Fort Jackson  8455-01-552-3858  
Ordnance Center and School 8455-01-528-9126  
Intelligence Center and School 8455-01-528-9542  
John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center 8455-01-528-9544  
Joint Readiness Training Center 8455-01-528-9548  
Medical Department Center and School 8455-01-528-9637  
Military Police School 8455-01-528-9158  
Missile and Munitions Center and School 8455-01-528-9552  
National Training Center and Fort Irwin 8455-01-528-9555  
Quartermaster Center and School 8455-01-528-9115  
ROTC Junior Division 8455-01-528-9557  
US Army Engineer Center 8455-01-528-8970  
US Army Signal Center and School 8455-01-528-9153  
Uniform Services University of Health Sciences 8455-01-528-8964  
US Army Transportation Center and School 8455-01-528-9031  
US Military Academy 8455-01-528-9032  
Hdqtrs Detachment Territorial Command Guam Army NG 8455-01-528-8883  
Hdqtrs Detachment, District of Columbia  Army NG 8455-01-528-8884  
Hdqtrs State Area Command West Virginia NG 8455-01-528-8886  
Headquarters Detachment Hawaii Army NG 8455-01-528-8887  
Headquarters Detachment Illinois Army NG 8455-01-528-8896  
Headquarters Detachment Indiana  Army NG 8455-01-528-8897  
Headquarters Detachment Iowa Army NG 8455-01-528-8898  
Headquarters Detachment Kentucky Army NG 8455-01-528-8912  
Headquarters Detachment Montana Army NG 8455-01-528-8914  
Headquarters Detachment New Mexico Army NG 8455-01-528-8919  
Headquarters Detachment Utah Army NG 8455-01-528-9408  
Headquarters Detachment, Alabama Army NG 8455-01-528-8922  
Headquarters Detachment, Alaska Army NG 8455-01-528-8925  
Headquarters Detachment, Arkansas Army NG 8455-01-528-8926  
Headquarters Detachment, California Army NG 8455-01-528-8928  
Headquarters Detachment, Colorado Army NG 8455-01-528-8929  
Headquarters Detachment, Delaware Army NG 8455-01-528-9383  
Headquarters Detachment, Florida Army NG 8455-01-528-9419  
Headquarters Detachment, Georgia Army NG 8455-01-528-9421  
Headquarters Detachment, Kansas Army NG 8455-01-528-9423  
Headquarters Detachment, Kansas Army NG 8455-01-528-9430  
Headquarters Detachment, Louisiana Army NG 8455-01-528-9444  
Headquarters Detachment, Maine Army NG 8455-01-528-9432  
Headquarters Detachment, Maryland Army NG 8455-01-528-9433  
Headquarters Detachment, Massachusetts Army NG 8455-01-528-9435  
Headquarters Detachment, Michigan Army NG 8455-01-528-9436  
Headquarters Detachment, Minnesota Army NG 8455-01-528-9439  
Headquarters Detachment, Mississippi Army NG 8455-01-528-9441  
Headquarters Detachment, Missouri Army NG 8455-01-528-9442  
Headquarters Detachment, Nebraska Army NG 8455-01-528-9443  
Headquarters Detachment, Nevada Army NG 8455-01-528-9489  
Headquarters Detachment, North Carolina Army NG 8455-01-528-9490  
Headquarters Detachment, North Dakota Army NG 8455-01-528-9491  
Headquarters Detachment, Ohio Army NG 8455-01-528-9493  
Headquarters Detachment, Oklahoma Army NG 8455-01-528-9495  
Headquarters Detachment, Oregon Army NG 8455-01-528-9156  
Headquarters Detachment, Pennsylvania Army NG 8455-01-528-9496  
Headquarters Detachment, Puerto Rico Army NG 8455-01-528-9497  
Headquarters Detachment, South Carolina Army NG 8455-01-528-9498  
Headquarters Detachment, South Dakota Army NG 8455-01-528-9499  
Headquarters Detachment, Tennessee Army NG 8455-01-528-9500  
Headquarters Detachment, Texas Army NG 8455-01-528-9501  
Headquarters Detachment, Vermont Army NG 8455-01-528-9502  
Headquarters Detachment, Virgina Army NG 8455-01-528-9503  
Headquarters Detachment, Virginia Army NG 8455-01-528-9509  
Headquarters Detachment, Washington Army NG 8455-01-528-9510  
Headquarters Detachment, Wisconsin Army NG 8455-01-528-9512  
Headquarters Detachment, Wyoming Army NG 8455-01-528-9514  
Headquarters Detachment, Wyoming Army NG 8455-01-528-9515  
Headquarters Detachment, Idaho Army NG 8455-01-528-9518  
HQ State Area Command Connecticut NG 8455-01-528-9533  
HQ State Area Command Rhode Island Army NG 8455-01-528-9530  
HQ Territorial Area Command, Virgin Islands NG 8455-01-528-9527  
New Hampshire Army National Guard 8455-01-528-9556  
State Area Command Arizona Army NG 8455-01-528-8961  
State Area Command, New York Army NG 8455-01-528-8962  
State Area Command Oregon Army NG 8455-01-528-8963  
US Army Criminal Investigation Command 8455-01-528-8967 Purchase
1st Support Command 8455-01-528-8592 Purchase
1st Personnel Command 8455-01-528-8568 Purchase
1st Sustainment command  8455-01-541-3158  
2nd Military Intelligence Command NSN Not Known Purchase
3rd Support Command (may or may not be 3rd COSCOM / Corps Support Command) 8455-01-528-8822 Purchase
3rd Personnel Command NSN Not Known Purchase
3rd Medical Command NSN Not Known Purchase
4th Transportation Command NSN Not Known Purchase
5th Signal Command 8455-01-528-9633 Purchase
7th Support Command 8455-01-528-9508  
7th Transportation Command 8455-01-528-8750 Purchase
7th Medical Command NSN Not Known Purchase
8th Personnel Command 8455-01-528-8847 Purchase
13th Support Command 8455-01-528-7629  
18th Medical Command 8455-01-528-8560  
19th Support Command 8455-01-528-8565  
20th support command  8455-01-534-9092  
21st Support Command 8455-01-528-8625  
32nd Army Air Defense Command 8455-01-528-8746  
63rd Reserve Command 8455-01-528-8927  
65th Army Reserve Command Puerto Rico 8455-01-528-8932  
77th Reserve Command 8455-01-528-8951  
81st Reserve Command 8455-01-528-8807 Purchase
88th Reserve Command 8455-01-528-8810  
89th US Army Reserve Command 8455-01-528-8839  
90th Army Reserve Command (may or may not be same unit as 90th Regional Readiness Command) 8455-01-528-8845 Purchase
94th Army Reserve Command 8455-01-528-9105  
96th Army Reserve Command 8455-01-528-8852  
99th Army Reserve Command (may or may not be same unit as 99th Regional Readiness Command) 8455-01-528-8856 Purchase
143rd Transportation Command 8455-01-528-8469 Purchase
167th Support Command 8455-01-528-8546  
175th Finance Center 8455-01-528-9553  
200th Military Police Command Patch (Dress) 8455-01-561-4097  
200th Military Police Command Patch (ACU) 8455-01-561-4133  
261st Signal Command 8455-01-528-9640  
266th Finance Center 8455-01-528-9551  
300th Military Police Command (may or may not be same unit as 300th Military Police Brigade) 8455-01-528-8723 Purchase
311th Support Command 8455-01-528-9128  
335th Signal Command 8455-01-528-8758  
377th Support Command 8455-01-528-8815 Purchase
412th Construction Command 8455-01-528-9132  
416th Engineer Command 8455-01-528-8829 Purchase
804th Hospital Center 8455-01-528-8756  
Computer Systems Command 8455-01-528-9204  
Information Systems Command 8455-01-528-9540  
Army Reserve Personnel Center 8455-01-528-8867  
Army Support Command, Field 8th 8455-01-528-9060  
Health Services Command 8455-01-528-9526  
us army military intelligence readiness command  8455-01-535-1392  
us army reserve medical command  8455-01-535-3639  
installation management command  8455-01-538-0268  
Intelligence and Security Command 8455-01-528-9541  
Military Traffic Management Command 8455-01-528-9550  
Operational Support AirLift Command 8455-01-528-9625  
Recruiting Command 8455-01-528-7698  
Space and Strategic Defense Command 8455-01-528-9558  
Training and Doctrine Command 8455-01-528-7700  
Utah State Area Command 8455-01-528-9043  
Special Operations Command 8455-01-528-7713  
us army element allied command europe  8455-01-528-8864  
46th military police command  8455-01-550-8748  
us army training and doctrine command band tab 8455-01-550-8383  
US Army Element, Central Command 8455-01-528-8968 Purchase
Us Army Element, US European Command 8455-01-528-9624  
US Army Element, US Special Operations Cmd 8455-01-528-8969 Purchase
US Army Forces Command 8455-01-528-9028  
US Army Material Command 8455-01-528-9039  
US Army Missle Command 8455-01-528-9096  
US Army Operational Test and Evaluation Cmd 8455-01-528-9038  
US Army Space Command 8455-01-528-9574  
US Army Support Command Hawaii 8455-01-528-9029  
Information Systems Engineering Command 8455-01-528-9614  
US Military Entrance Processing Command 8455-01-528-9033  
Department of the Army Staff 8455-01-528-8877  
Europe 8455-01-528-8878  
Defense Nuclear Agency 8455-01-528-9404  
Army Element, Allied Command Europe 8455-01-528-8956  
Army Field Band 8455-01-528-8865  
Community and Family Support Center 8455-01-528-9539  
Japan 8455-01-528-9543  
Legal Services Agnecy 8455-01-528-9517  
Military District of Washington 8455-01-528-7624  
Individual Ready Reserve 8455-01-528-9516  
29th army band  8455-01-550-8751  
248th army band tab  8455-01-550-8360  
us army trial defense service  8455-01-550-8368  
129th army band tab  8455-01-550-8377  
us army soldiers media center  8455-01-534-9106  
civilian logistics specialist  8455-01-536-9395  
Personnel in DOD & Joint Activities 8455-01-528-7729  
United States Pacific 8455-01-528-8965  
US Army Element Selective Service 8455-01-528-9572  
US Army South 8455-01-528-9065  
US Army Southern European Task Force 8455-01-528-7621  

Other ACU Items: 

ACU Standard Uniform Coat and Trousers; Rigger's Belt, Sand Color
ACU Insignia (Rank, Qual Badges, Nametapes, US Flag, etc)
ACU Unit Patches
ACU Undershirt, Silk Weight Underwear, and Army Combat Shirt
ACU Wet / Cold Weather Gear (Poncho, Rainsuit, Gore-Tex, etc)
ACU Headgear (Patrol Cap, Boonie Cap, ACH Cover, Balaclava, etc)
ACU Gloves and Mittens
ACU Knee and Elbow Pads
ACU MOLLE Equipment Items
ACU Aircrew Uniforms, Mechanics' Coveralls, and CVC Coveralls
ACU Air Warrior System Items
ACU JSLIST and Chemical Protective Coveralls
ACU Maternity Uniforms