Army Combat Uniform (ACU) Insignia NSN's -

Army Combat Uniform (ACU) NSN's

Insignia (Rank, Qualification Badges, US Flag, etc.)

GRADE Digital w/Velcro
PRIVATE E-2 8455-01-531-2072
PRIVATE 1ST CLASS E-3 8455-01-531-2071
SPECIALIST FOUR E-4 8455-01-531-2074
CORPORAL 8455-01-531-2070
SERGEANT E-5 8455-01-531-2068
STAFF SERGEANT E-6 8455-01-531-2067
PLATOON SERGEANT (SFC) E-7 8455-01-531-2066
MASTER SERGEANT E-8 8455-01-531-2065
1ST SERGEANT 8455-01-531-2064
COMMAND SGT MAJOR 8455-01-531-2063
SERGEANT MAJOR 8455-01-531-1971
Warrant Officer W-5 8455-01-531-2656
Warrant Officer W-4 8455-01-531-2646
Warrant Officer W-3 8455-01-531-2645
Warrant Officer W-2 8455-01-531-2643
Warrant Officer W-1 8455-01-531-2642
Second Liutenant 01 8455-01-531-2096
First Lieutenant 02 8455-01-531-2075
Captain 0-3 8455-01-531-2077
Major 0-4 8455-01-531-2099
Lieutenant Colonel 0-5 8455-01-531-2081
Colonel 0-6 8455-01-531-2082
BRIGADIER GENERAL  8455-01-531-2087
MAJOR GENERAL 8455-01-531-2089
LIEUTENANT GENERAL 8455-01-531-2091
GENERAL 8455-01-531-2092

NOMENCLATURE Digitized with Velcro
US Army Tapes w/velcro 8455-01-531-6334
night vision systems reflective IR square for acu uniform (pack of 144) 9390-01-521-3574

Reverse Flag full color w/velcro 8455-01-524-4476
Reverse Flag  Tan IR w/velcro 8455-01-524-4926
Reverse Flag green and black IR w/velcro 8455-01-475-8887

Military Police MP patch w/velcro  8455-01-550-8749

NOMENCLATURE Foliage Green w/Velcro
Ranger Tab w/velcro 8455-01-524-4893
Special Forces Tab w/velcro 8455-01-524-5121
Airborne Tab w/velcro 8455-01-524-5142
Mountain Tab w/velcro 8455-01-524-5148
Presidents Hundred w/velcro 8455-01-525-1325
Sapper tab w/velcro  8455-01-535-1365

Qualification Badges all badges are black 
Combat action badge  8455-01-532-5441
Air assault badge 8455-01-069-0098
Pathfinder badge 8455-00-143-1266
EIB expert infantry badge 8455-00-135-2641
CIB combat infantry badge  8455-00-135-2670
CIB combat infantry badge 2nd award 8455-00-135-2671
CIB combat infantry badge 3nd award 8455-00-135-2671
Combat airborne wings with bronze star 8455-01-225-9440
Airborne wings 8455-00-135-2637
Senior parachutist airborne wings 8455-00-135-2639
Master parachutist airborne wings 8455-00-135-2640
Basic explosive ordnance disposal badge  8455-00-135-2642
Senior explosive ordnance disposal badge  8455-00-135-2643
Master explosive ordnance disposal badge  8455-00-762-5302
Expert field medical  8455-00-135-2636
Basic combat medical badge  8455-00-135-2656
Combat medical badge 2nd award 8455-00-135-2660
Scuba diver badge 8455-00-465-9145
Salvage diver badge 8455-00-135-2661
Diver badge 1st class 8455-00-135-2658
Diver badge 2nd class 8455-00-135-2662
Master diver badge  8455-00-135-2659
Aircraft crewman wings  8455-00-135-2663
Senior aircraft crewman wings 8455-00-141-0856
Master aircraft crewman wings  8455-00-135-2664
Aviation flight surgeon wings  8455-00-135-2669
Senior aviation flight surgeon wings 8455-00-135-2654
Master aviation flight surgeon wings 8455-00-135-2655
Aviator flight wings  8455-00-135-2666
Senior aviator flight wings  8455-00-135-2668
Master aviator flight wings  8455-00-135-2667
chaplains cross  8455-00-126-9295

Other ACU Items: 

ACU Standard Uniform Coat and Trousers; Rigger's Belt, Sand Color
ACU Insignia (Rank, Qual Badges, Nametapes, US Flag, etc)
ACU Unit Patches
ACU Undershirt, Silk Weight Underwear, and Army Combat Shirt
ACU Wet / Cold Weather Gear (Poncho, Rainsuit, Gore-Tex, etc)
ACU Headgear (Patrol Cap, Boonie Cap, ACH Cover, Balaclava, etc)
ACU Gloves and Mittens
ACU Knee and Elbow Pads
ACU MOLLE Equipment Items
ACU Aircrew Uniforms, Mechanics' Coveralls, and CVC Coveralls
ACU Air Warrior System Items
ACU JSLIST and Chemical Protective Coveralls
ACU Maternity Uniforms