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Army Combat Uniform (ACU) NSN's


NSN Nomenclature Comments
8465-01-525-0578 Rifleman Set ui set, has fighting load carrier vest, assault pack, waist pack, mag pouches, grenade pouches, and hydration system 
8465-01-524-7624 Grenadier Set ui set, 10 40mm single HE pouches, 4 double HE pouches and 2 pyrotechnic pouches 
8465-01-524-7328 Pistolman Set 4 single pistol mag pouches 
8465-01-524-7362 Sawgunner Set ui set, 2 100 round pouches and 2 200 round pouches 
8465-01-524-7632 Medic Set ui set, large bag w/ 8 external molle pouches and IV satchel
8465-01-525-0575 Fighting Load Carrier Set ui set, the vest, 2 canteen, 2 single hand grenade, 3 double rifle mag, and 2 3 mag rifle pouches 
8465-01-523-6276 Large field pack set ui set, set has large ruck, ruck frame, waist belt, shoulder straps, and 2ea sustainment pouches
8465-01-524-7635 medic bag ui ea, each bag with 4 internal pockets 
8465-01-524-7246 ka-bar adapter ui ea, for attaching knives to molle vest
8465-01-524-7253 alice clip adapter ui ea, for attaching alice style pouches to molle system 
8465-01-524-7232 molded waist belt ui ea for use with ruck sack
8465-01-525-0585 canteen pouch ui ea, for 1 quart canteen; also holds NVG's, 30rd magazines, etc
8465-01-525-0577 fighting load carrier vest ui ea just the vest, no pouches comes with the vest 
8465-01-524-7226 molle sustainment pouch  ui ea pouch is 432 cubic inches can be added to any molle vest or rucksack or assault pack 
8465-01-524-5250 molle assault pack ui ea pack has molle webbing on both sides for added extra pouches and works with hydration systems 
8465-01-524-7684 radio pocket internal pack  ui ea pouch is placed inside a ruck or assault pack 
8465-01-524-7263 molle waist pack ui ea size 6in x 15in x 4in can be added to ruck, assault pack or worn as waist pack 
8465-01-524-7365 molle 100 round pouch ui ea can hold 100 rounds of linked saw ammo 
8465-01-524-7620 molle 200 round pouch ui ea can hold 200 rounds of linked saw ammo or 6 M4 magazines 
8465-01-524-7694 300 round ammo bag w/ shoulder strap ui ea can hold 300 rounds of 7.62mm linked ammo 
8465-01-524-7638 molle external medic pouch ui ea pouch has a zipper top 
8465-01-524-7361 molle 9mm magazine pouch ui ea pouch will hold 1 M9 beretta pistol magazine 
8465-01-524-7345 molle tactical leg extender ui ea leg extender can be used for a pistol holster, knife or any type of molle pouch 
8465-01-525-0606 molle M4/M16 double magazine pouch  ui ea pouch is velcro closing and has 2 loops on the front of the pouch for shotgun shells 
8465-01-525-0598 molle M4/M16 three mag pouch  ui ea pouch has button snap flaps and has molle webbing on the front, so more pouches can be added 
8465-01-524-7309 molle M4/M16 6 magazine bandoleer w/shoulder strap  ui ea pouch has button snap flaps, can be added to any molle system or carried by the shoulder strap 
8465-01-524-7625 molle 40mm single high explosive pouch ui ea pouch has button snap flap, holds 1 40mm HE round 
8465-01-524-7628 molle double 40mm high explosive pouch ui ea double pouch has button snap flaps, holds 2 40mm HE rounds 
8465-01-524-7636 molle 40mm double pyrotechnic pouch ui ea double pouch has button snap flaps, holds 2 40mm pyrotechinc rounds 
8465-01-525-0589 molle hand grenade pouch ui ea pouch holds 1 frag hand grenade 
8465-01-524-7324 molle flash bang/smoke grenade pouch ui ea pouch holds 1 flash bang/smoke hand grenade 
8465-01-524-8396 molle hydration system ui ea can be worn on any molle vest or worn be it's self 
8465-01-524-8362 molle hydration carrier ui ea just the carrier no water bag or drinking tube comes with carrier 
8465-01-465-2096 100oz hydration bladder ui ea water bag and drinking tube
8465-01-524-7691 molle shotgun shell panel  ui ea panel holds 16 shotgun rounds 
8465-01-538-1514 molle AN/PVS-14 night vision sight pouch  ui ea pouch holds 1 PVS-14 sight 
8465-01-538-2043 pvs-14 pouch foam insert  ui ea insert for NVG pouch 
8465-01-524-8407 molle e-tool carrier ui ea holds standard folding e-tool 
8465-01-538-1497 molle vehicle panel pouch  attaches to Humvee front seats to allow MOLLE items to be attached to seatbacks
8465-01-538-1507 GPS insert, leaders pocket pouch  ui ea 
8465-01-538-1523 leaders set pouch  ui ea 
8465-01-538-1647 leaders pouch writing instrument insert ui ea 
8465-01-538-2040 administration pouch  ui ea 


Other ACU Items: 


ACU Standard Uniform Coat and Trousers; Rigger's Belt, Sand Color
ACU Insignia (Rank, Qual Badges, Nametapes, US Flag, etc)
ACU Unit Patches
ACU Undershirt, Silk Weight Underwear, and Army Combat Shirt
ACU Wet / Cold Weather Gear (Poncho, Rainsuit, Gore-Tex, etc)
ACU Headgear (Patrol Cap, Boonie Cap, ACH Cover, Balaclava, etc)
ACU Gloves and Mittens
ACU Knee and Elbow Pads
ACU MOLLE Equipment Items
ACU Aircrew Uniforms, Mechanics' Coveralls, and CVC Coveralls
ACU Air Warrior System Items
ACU JSLIST and Chemical Protective Coveralls
ACU Maternity Uniforms



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