Tailored Logistics Supply (SOE)

What is Tailored Logistics Supply Special Operations Equipment?

The Defense Logistics Agency recently launched a new streamlined purchasing vehicle for U.S. military and federal, state and local agencies. Created for our Special Operational Equipment customers, the Defense Supply Center Philadelphia’s new Tailored Logistics Support Program (TLSP) provides authorized customers with a wide range of high quality Buy American/ Berry Amendment compliant products at fair and reasonable prices.

The scope of available equipment includes Personal Protection, Tactical Gear, Eyewear and Vision Enhancing products, Diving Equipment, Communication Devices, Lifesaving Search and Rescue Gear, Air Crew Support and Flight Deck Safety Items, Lethality Support Items, to Survival Kits, Incidental Services and more. As a prime vendor representative, Army Property can get you favorable pricing and delivery as part of this program and can get the products you need, when you need it, anywhere in the world.

Incidental services and training relating to the operational equipment items shall also be included in the scope of the program. The primary concept of this contract is to support America’s special operations community by providing all equipment, training, and related incidental services necessary to perform their missions.

Benefits to our Customers

  • Buy American/Trade Agreements/Berry Amendment Compliant Products.
  • Simplified one-stop shopping for the equipment specific equipment you have requested.
  • Multiple vendors compete on price and delivery, ensuring the best price point for the product.
  • Eliminates the requirement to route through traditional contracting methods.
  • Routine Non-Emergency Orders usually delivered within 30 days after placement of order.
  • Urgent order delivered to pick up point within 72 hours after placement of order.
  • MIPR Funding Capability.
  • Worldwide Coverage.

How Does it Work?

Every customer needs to be authorized and registered. An authorized customer is any Government agency who receives federal funding – including federally funded state and local government.

To Register as an Authorized Customer

  1. Please visit:https://www.troopsupport.dla.mil/CE/specops/
  2. Scroll down to “Customer Registration”
  3. Click “Download the Registration Form”
  4. Open “Registration Form”
  5. Once you have filled out the form, please email it to the following DSCP address: [email protected]. The form may also be faxed back to 215-737-0341 or DSN 444-0341

How Do I Order?

After registration, you will be sent a welcome package including your SOE TLSP Account Number, and your order template file. You can use this template to order product or inquire about pricing.

There are thousands of items available for procurement through TLSP that fall within the scope of the program.
All items ordered OR requisitioned through the TLSP must be within the scope of the program.

REQUISITION: Total Order value over the Minimum Purchase Threshold (MPT – Currently $3000)

For orders over the MPT, you must fill in your order template file and email it to DSCP. Once DSCP receives the file, it will be reviewed, processed and any issues will be brought to your attention before any commitment is made. Once the order has been approved by DSCP, it will be sent to the 4 prime vendors to compete for pricing and delivery quotes. DSCP will award the order to the prime vendor who they feel best suits your order requirements.

Note: All MIPRs MUST be sent to DSCP – Prior to placement of orders. Price Inquiry requests may be used to estimate the required MIPR funds.

For more information on the TLS Prime Vendor Program please contact:

  1. Cliff Vaughan- Director of Business Development
    [email protected]