TM 9-2320-392-10-2 -

Technical Manual (TM) 9-2320-392-10-2

Truck, MTV A1 Series

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LIN NSN Nomenclature
T41135 2320-01-447-3884 M1083A1 (MTV) TRUCK CARGO W/E W/W
T61704 2320-01-447-3885 M1096 (MTV) TRUCK CHASSIS LWB
T41203 2320-01-447-3887 M1084A1 (MTV) TRUCK CARGO W/MHE W/E
T61908 2320-01-447-3890 M1083A1 (MTV) TRUCK CARGO W/E
T61704 2320-01-447-3891 M1085A1 (MTV) TRUCK CARGO LWB W/E
T94709 2320-01-447-3892 M1089A1 (MTV) TRUCK WRECKER W/W W/E
T61239 2320-01-447-3893 M1088A1 (MTV) TRUCK TRACTOR W/E
N/A 2320-01-447-3894 M1092A1 (MTV) TRUCK CHASSIS
T61840 2320-01-447-3895 M1086A1 (MTV) TRUCK CARGO LWB W/MHE W/E
T61908 2320-01-447-3897 M1085A1 (MTV) TRUCK CARGO LWB W/E W/W
T64911 2320-01-447-3899 M1090A1 (MTV) TRUCK DUMP W/E
T61307 2320-01-447-3900 M1088A1 (MTV) TRUCK TRACTOR W/E W/W
T64979 2320-01-447-6344 M1090A1 (MTV) TRUCK DUMP W/E W/W
T45051 2320-01-523-1434 M1083 (MTV) TRUCK CARGO W/AOA