TM 9-2320-272-10 -

Technical Manual (TM) 9-2320-272-10

5-Ton Truck

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LIN NSN Nomenclature
R98145 2320-01-047-8750 trk van exp 5t m934
T61239 2320-01-047-8752 TRUCK, TRACTOR: 5T, 6X6, M932, WE, WW
T61239 2320-01-047-8753 TRK TRAC M931
X43845 2320-01-047-8755 TRK DUMP 5T M930
T64911 2320-01-047-8756 TRK DUMP 5T M929
X40009 2320-01-047-8770 TRUCK, CARGO: XLWB, 5T, 6X6, M928, WE, WW
T58161 2320-01-047-8771 TRUCK, CARGO: XLWB, 5T, 6X6, M927, WE
T61908 2320-01-047-8773 TRUCK, CARGO: 5T, 6X6, M924, WE
S01359 2320-01-205-2682 TRUCK VAN: EXPANSIBLE 5 TON 6X6 (ARMY)
T61239 2320-01-205-2684 TRUCK, TRACTOR: 5T, 6X6, M932A1, WE, WW
X40831 2320-01-205-2692 TRUCK, CARGO: 5T, 6X6, M924A1, WE
T61239 2320-01-206-4077 Truck, Tractor: M931A1
STOOO7 2320-01-206-4079 TRUCK, DUMP: 5T, 6X6, M929A1, WE
T60081 2320-01-206-4087 TRK CGO D/S M923A1
T60081 2320-01-206-4089 TRUCK, CARGO: XLWB, 5T, 6X6, M927A1, WE
X41242 2320-01-206-4090 TRUCK,CARGO
R98145 2320-01-230-0300 TRK VAN EXP 5T M934A2
X59326 2320-01-230-0302 TRUCK, TRACTOR: 5T, 6X6, M931A2, WE
T61239 2320-01-230-0303 TRUCK, TRACTOR: 5T, 6X6, M932A2, WE, WW
T64911 2320-01-230-0305 TRUCK, DUMP: 5T, 6X6, M929A2, WE
X43845 2320-01-230-0306 TRUCK,DUMP
T59278 2320-01-230-0309 TRK CGO XLWB M927A2
X40009 2320-01-230-0310 TRUCK,CARGO
T39529 2320-01-523-1096 TRUCK, CARGO, 5-TON, M925A1P1
T10362 2320-01-523-1114 TRUCK, TRACTOR, 5-TON, W/O WINCH, M931A1P1
T10362 2320-01-523-1117 TRUCK, TRACTOR, 5-TON, W/O WINCH, M931A2P1
Z93352 4930-01-U01-0006 AIR VEHICLE HANDLER
Z93602 4930-01-U01-0007 AIR VEHICLE TRANSPORTER