LIN X53848 (9 NSN's) -

LIN X53848


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NSN Nomenclature Action
2320-01-090-7840 TRK PNL 1T 6400 GVW
2320-01-091-9076 TRK MAINT 4X4 4 DR
2320-01-J41-1552 TRUCK 6 PASS, SORENTO
2320-01-J41-1134 TRUCK GALLOPERII 9 PASS
2320-01-J41-1127 TRUCK, VAN HYUNDAI
2320-01-J41-1213 BONGO III
2320-01-J41-1135 TRK PANEL 15 PASS
2320-01-J41-1132 TRK PANEL 3 PASSENGER
2320-01-J41-1130 15 PASS VAN HYUNDAI GRACE 2001

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