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NSN Nomenclature Action
1005-01-367-5112 RIFLE, 5.56MM, M16A3
1095-00-897-8755 Rack, Storage, Small Arms, M11 (For M1 and M14 Rifle)
1095-01-197-7902 Rack, Storage, Small Arms, M13 (For M249 SAW)
1095-01-466-2065 Rack, Storage, Small Arms (For M240 Machine Gun)
1005-01-534-2841 Rifle, 7.62mm, M110 (Semi-Automatic Sniper System)
(Various) Bridge, Float, Improved (Ribbon Bridge)
6630-00-140-7826 Water Quality Analysis Set - Preventive Medicine
4520-01-354-1191 Heater, Space, Radiant, Large (H-45), Type 1 (Solid Fuel) (Replaces Yukon / Pot Belly Stove)
0000-00-000-0003 Rifle, 5.56mm, HK416
1240-01-495-1385 Sight, Reflex, Enhanced Combat Optical Sight-Navy (ECOS-N) (AimPoint 10336)
5820-01-495-6096 RT-1694(P) Harris UHF Transceiver (Part of PRC-138 Manpack, or VRC-150 Vehicular radio set)
5820-01-462-8407 Radio Set, Airborne, AN/ASQ-177C(V)4 (EPLRS)
5820-01-462-8410 Radio Set, Manpack AN/PSQ-6C (EPLRS)
5820-01-462-8408 Radio Set, Surface Vehicle, AN/VSQ-2C(V)4 (EPLRS) (Gateway)
5895-01-462-8405 Radio Set, Grid Reference, AN/GRC-229C (EPLRS)
1095-01-454-6320 Universal Small Arms Storage Rack
2330-00-015-6620 Trailer, Semi, Shop Van, 6-Ton, 2-Wheel, M146F
1005-01-181-3457 Pistol, 9mm, SigArms P226
1005-00-118-6192 M15A2 Blank Firing Adapter (BFA), Red, for M16-Series Rifle
1005-00-921-5004 Magazine, Cartridge, 5.56mm, 30-round (Original version, green follower)
7105-00-935-3270 BED,NONADJUSTABLE
7105-01-019-1663 CHEST W/PADLOCK HASP
7210-00-883-8492 COVER,MATTRESS
7210-00-139-6424 MATTRESS,BED
7210-01-015-5190 PILLOW,BED
7210-00-231-2373 PILLOWCASE
7210-01-119-6416 SHEET,BED
7730-00-115-3251 TELEVISION,COLOR,25IN
7105-01-016-0535 WARDROBE 80H 36W 26D

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