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ArmyProperty: List of Federal Supply Groups


FSG 10: Weapons

FSG 11: Nuclear Ordinance

FSG 12: Fire Control Equipment

FSG 13: Ammunition and Explosives

FSG 14: Guided Missiles

FSG 15: Aircraft and Airframe Structural Components

FSG 16: Aircraft Components and Accessories

FSG 17: Aircraft Launching, Landing, and Ground Handling Equip.

FSG 18: Space Vehicles

FSG 19: Ships, Small Craft, Pontoons, and Floating Docks

FSG 20: Ship and Marine Equipment

FSG 22: Railway Equipment

FSG 23: Ground Effect Vehicles, Motor Vehicles, Trailers, and Cycles

FSG 24: Tractors

FSG 25: Vehicular Equipment Components

FSG 26: Tires and Tubes

FSG 28: Engines, Turbines, and Components

FSG 29: Engine Accessories

FSG 30: Mechanical Power Transmission Equipment

FSG 31: Bearings

FSG 32: Woodworking Machinery and Equipment

FSG 34: Metalworking Machinery

FSG 35: Service and Trade Equipment

FSG 36: Special Industry Machinery

FSG 37: Agricultural Machinery and Equipment

FSG 38: Construction, Mining, Excavating, and Highway Maint. Equip.

FSG 39: Materials Handling Equipment

FSG 40: Rope, Cable, Chain, and Fittings

FSG 41: Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Air Circulating Equip.

FSG 42: Fire Fighting, Rescue, and Safety Equipment

FSG 43: Pumps and Compressors

FSG 44: Furnace, Steam Plant, and Drying Equip, Nuclear Reactors

FSG 45: Plumbing, Heating and Sanitation Equipment

FSG 46: Water Purification and Sewage Treatment Equipment

FSG 47: Pipe, Tubing, Hose, and Fittings

FSG 48: Valves

FSG 49: Maintenance and Repair Shop Equipment

FSG 51: Hand Tools

FSG 52: Measuring Tools

FSG 53: Hardware and Abrasives

FSG 54: Prefabricated Structures and Scaffolding

FSG 55: Lumber, Millwork, Plywood, and Veneer

FSG 56: Construction and Building Materials

FSG 58: Communications, Detection and Coherent Radiation Equipment

FSG 59: Electrical and Electronic Equipment Components

FSG 60: Fiber Optics Materials and Components, Assemblies and Access.

FSG 61: Electric Wire, and Power and Distribution Equipment

FSG 62: Lighting Fixtures and Lamps

FSG 63: Alarm, Signal and Security Detection Systems

FSG 65: Medical, Dental, and Veterinary Equipment and Supplies

FSG 66: Instruments and Laboratory Equipment

FSG 67: Photographic Equipment

FSG 68: Chemicals and Chemical Products

FSG 69: Training Aids and Devices

FSG 70: ADP Equipment Software, Supplies and Support Equip

FSG 71: Furniture

FSG 72: Household and Commercial Furnishings and Appliances

FSG 73: Food Preparation and Serving Equipment

FSG 74: Office Machines

FSG 75: Office Supplies and Devices

FSG 76: Books, Maps, and Other Publications

FSG 77: Musical Instruments, Phonographs, and Home-Type Radios

FSG 78: Recreational and Athletic Equipment

FSG 79: Cleaning Equipment and Supplies

FSG 80: Brushes, Paints, Sealers, and Adhesives

FSG 81: Containers, Packaging, and Packing Supplies

FSG 83: Textiles, Leather, Furs, Apparel and Shoes, Tents, Flags

FSG 84: Clothing, Individual Equipment, and Insignia

FSG 85: Toiletries

FSG 87: Agricultural Supplies

FSG 88: Live Animals

FSG 89: Subsistence (Food)

FSG 91: Fuels, Lubricants, Oils, and Waxes

FSG 93: Nonmetallic Fabricated Materials

FSG 94: Nonmetallic Crude Materials

FSG 95: Metal Bars, Sheets, and Shapes

FSG 96: Ores, Minerals, and Their Primary Products

FSG 99: Miscellaneous