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M240 Machine Gun Family, 7.62mm

The M240, formally United States Machine Gun, 7.62mm, is a family of belt-fed, gas operated medium machine guns firing the 7.62x51mm NATO cartridge (w/ M13 Link). It is the US designation for the Belgian FN MAG 58 machine gun.

The M240 has been used by the United States armed forces since the late 1970s. It is used extensively in a dismounted role by infantry units, and is also mounted in ground vehicles, watercraft, and aircraft. Despite not being the lightest medium machine gun in service, the M240 is highly regarded for reliability, and its standardization among NATO members is also seen as a major advantage.




1005-01-025-8095 For use on vehicles. The "egress" kit can be used to convert it to the 240B Infantry variant.
1005-01-412-3129 Standard Infantry 240 Variant.
1005-01-085-4758 Variation of the 240B, with a right-handed feed.
(See Further Down for Egress Kit NSNs)
Aircraft variant with a front and rear sight, and a trigger grip which accomodates the spade grip device. May be converted to the ground version with an 'egress' package.
N/A Known as the "240 Golf", this is the U.S. Marine variant.
Egress Kit NSN: 1005-01-M98-0425
Improvement of the M240D. Features a rail-equipped feed cover, an improved flash suppressor, and can be more quickly converted to the 240B via the Egress kit.
N/A Experimental version currently in testing. Features a lighter receiver block and a retracting butt-stock.

All variants of the M240 series are fed from disintegrating belts, and are capable of firing most types of 7.62 mm NATO ammunition. All variants of the FN MAG 58, including the M240, can use European-type non-disintegrating belts (following replacement of a few easily-swappable parts). They all share the same basic internal parts, which are also interchangeable, for the most part, with other members of the FN MAG family. There are significant differences in weight and some features among some versions for which this does not apply. The M240 is manufactured by the American division of FN Herstal, a Belgian company with historically deep ties to U.S. arms procurement.

Loading the weapon is performed by pulling the charging handle which locks the bolt to the rear. The weapon is placed on safe and the charging handle is pushed forward (this is spring loaded on the tank mounted version). The feed tray cover is then lifted and rounds are laid inside the feed tray. The feed tray cover is then closed and the weapon is ready for operation.



Clearing the Weapon

Clearing the weapon is performed by ensuring the bolt is locked to the rear and the weapon is on safe. The feed tray cover is then lifted, the remaining belt (if any) is swept out of the feed tray, the feed tray is lifted to visually inspect the rear of the barrel and the face of the bolt. Any links or brass casings are removed. The weapon is now clear. In the unlikely event that a live round is on the bolt face, it is knocked loose with a cleaning rod or another rigid object. If there is a live round lodged in the barrel, the operator must immediately decide if the barrel is hot enough that there is a chance of it cooking off. If there is, he will immediately move his face away from the opening of the weapon. He should then wait for the barrel to cool off before attempting to remove it. In many cases, attempting to remove the barrel will cause the round to detonate as soon as the barrel is unlocked from the receiver. He can also attempt to extract the round by taking the weapon off of safe, pulling the trigger and pulling back on the charging handle. This has a fair chance of causing the weapon to fire, so care should be made in ensuring that the weapon is pointed in a safe direction first.

Rate of Fire

The rate of fire may be controlled by three different settings. The first setting allows the weapon to cycle at 750 round/min. The two remaining settings increase the rate of fire by 100 round/min per setting second setting being 850 round/min and third setting, 950 round/min). These settings are changed by dismounting the barrel, removing the gas regulator collar and turning the gas regulator to allow more or less gas to move through the weapon system. It is generally performed before missions, as changing the setting is distracting at best under field or combat conditions.

Changing Barrels

The barrels can be exchanged rapidly, thanks to a barrel release button located on the left side of the weapon. The weapon is cleared first and then the button is held down, while the barrel's carrying handle is moved from the right side of the weapon to the center, unlocking it from the receiver. At this point, the button is released and the barrel is then pulled free of the receiver and placed to the side. The new barrel is inserted into the receiver and then the carrying handle is shifted to the right, locking it into place.

During prolonged firing, care must be taken to not allow exposed skin to come in contact with the weapon. The barrels can become hot enough to inflict second degree burns instantly without becoming visibly different. However, such barrels glow brightly to anyone using any sort of optics sensitive to infrared radiation, such as night vision devices.
(Content extracted from Wikipedia)





Weight 25.63 lb (11.1 kg)
Length 1105 mm
Muzzle Velocity 853 m/s
Rate of Fire Cyclic 650-850 rds/min
Effective Ranges: Point 800 m
Area 1100 m (Tripod)


Useful NSNs:

1005-01-529-8411 ammo pouch 9M 50 round ammo pouch for M240 machine gun
1005-01-487-8049 240B rail kit ? rail system for the machine gun
1005-01-431-8324 ammunition adapter 9M allows user to attach ammo can to weapon mount
1005-01-439-6899 weapon sling with hook assembly 9M padded and adjustable

7.62mm molle ammo pouch

8465-01-524-7694 issue acu molle 300 round ammo pouch 2B ui ea
8465-01-515-7639 issue desert molle 300 round ammo pouch 2F ui ea
8465-01-513-4186 issue woodland molle 300 round ammo pouch 2F ui ea
8465-01-515-5695 eagle molle M60 ammo 100 round pouch with det top part ? ui ea
8465-01-516-8384 eagle FSBE khaki M60 ammo pouch ? ui ea
8465-01-538-4086 blackhawk gen-4 molle M60 100 round ammo pouch ? ui ea

M240D egress package *note these parts turn a door gun into an infantry weapon

1005-01-408-5901 buttstock and buffer assembly 9M ui ea
1005-01-408-6669 trigger and pistol grip assembly 9M ui ea
1005-01-408-5905 machine gun bipod 9M ui ea

M240 tripod/mount/parts

1005-00-603-4834 traversing and elevating mechanism 9M ui ea for use with the M122A1 machine gun flexible mount
1005-01-254-0332 M240E1 machine gun mount 9M ui ea for the M240B machine gun
1005-01-411-6340 flexible machine gun mount 2M ui ea for mounting the M240B to M122A tripod and other machine gun mounts
1005-00-710-5599 M122 machine gun tripod 7M ui ea old style tripod used with the M60 machine gun
1005-01-433-1617 M122A machine gun tripod 7M ui ea new style tripod for the M240B machine gun
1005-01-413-4098 M197 machine gun mount 2M ui ea for mounting the M240B hummers and other trucks

sights and mounts

1240-01-519-1600 M240B optic kit ? M145 in optic kit
1240-01-411-6350 machine gun sight M145 2M ui ea can also be used on M249 machine gun
6650-21-920-2496 anti-reflection lens M145 machine gun sight 9M ui ea
6135-01-398-5922 lithium battery 9B ui ea for M145 machine gun sight
5340-01-390-3812 AN/PAQ-2, AN/PAQ-4 lazer mount 9T ui ea for mounting paq-4 lazer to M240B machine gun
5340-01-458-0473 ANPAQ-2, AN/PAQ-4 picatinny rail grabber 9T ui ea for mounting paq-4 lazer to M240B machine gun
5340-01-458-0990 ANPAQ-2, AN/PAQ-4 low profile rail grabber 9M ui ea for mounting paq-4 lazer to M240B machine gun
5365-01-447-8991 AN/PVS-4 spacer adaptor 9T ui ea for mounting an/pvs-4 night sight to M240 machine gun via rail system
5340-01-449-8533 AN/PVS-4 mounting bracket 9G ui ea for mounting an/pvs-4 night sight to M240 machine gun via rail system


1005-01-044-1026 machine gun barrel 9M 24 inches long
1005-01-251-9701 machine gun barrel 9M 24 inches long
1005-01-408-5897 machine gun barrel 9M for M240G machine gun

flash suppressor

1005-01-526-3464 B E meyers co M240 flash suppressor ? ui ea 4.37 inches long used for night time operations

tools and cleaning items

5340-01-265-2683 cleaning rod handle 9M 3 inches long
1005-00-726-6109 cleaning rod section 9M 11 inches long
1005-00-726-6110 swab holder section 9M 3 1/2 inches long for machine gun use
1005-01-033-3925 cleaning brush gas cylinder 9M round spiral brush with threaded end
1005-00-556-4174 cleaning brush small arms bore 9M copper brush with threaded end
1005-00-690-3115 cleaning brush small arms chamber 2M 4 inches long
1005-00-350-4100 cleaning brush small arms receiver 2M nylon and stainless bristles in brush
4933-01-033-1504 combination regulator scraper 2B scraper
4933-01-033-1503 combination scraper and extractor tool 2B disassembly tool screwdriver and scraper
4933-01-033-1510 ruptured cartridge extractor 2B for use on pulling blown cartridges out of the chamber
4933-01-047-3394 reamer 2B used on M240 machine gun famliy
1005-01-458-7004 front sight adjustment tool 9M used on front sight
5143-00-329-4306 mechanics tool pouch 2B part of weapon BII
9150-01-102-1473 clp 1/4 oz bottle 36 ui ea
9150-01-079-6124 clp 4 oz bottle 36 ui ea bottle comes with extender tube
6850-00-224-6656 rifle bore cleaner 2 oz bottle 36 ui ea
6850-00-224-6657 rifle bore cleaner 6 oz bottle 36 ui cn
9150-00-292-9689 lubricating weapons oil 36 ui qt
9150-00-889-3522 lubricating weapons oil 4 oz 36 ui bt
9150-00-949-0323 lubricating weapons (with teflon) oil 8 oz 36 ui tu usmc issue only
7920-00-205-1711 wiping rag 2E ui bundle wt 50 pounds
9920-00-292-9946 tobacco pipe cleaner 2B ui box 1344 per box
1005-00-288-3565 cotton cleaning swab 9M ui pg 1000 per pg
4933-01-038-7183 cover disassembly tool 2B ui ea
4933-01-038-7179 ejector removing tool 2B ui ea
5140-00-077-2081 spanner wrench 2B ui ea

cases and bags

8465-01-408-5431 carrying case ? ui ea
1005-01-408-5422 carrying case spare barrel 9M ui ea
1005-00-550-6573 cleaning rod case 9M ui ea
1005-01-038-6025 spare barrel case 9M ui ea
1005-01-442-8626 spare barrel case 9M ui ea
1005-01-470-3006 spare barrel case 9M ui ea

other gear

8415-01-092-0039 heat protective mitten 2F ambidextrous mit for pulling a hot barrel
1005-01-448-2614 protective shield assembly 9C discontinued with out replacement
1005-00-312-7177 sling assembly 9M does not come with hooks
1005-01-411-9003 swivel sling hook 9C

blank adapter

1005-01-148-7437 M21 blank adapter 2M
1005-01-480-0289 M24 blank adapter 9M