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: Outerwear Mens
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: 6

Part Number NSN Nomenclature Action
Login to view P/N 8405-01-545-8153 Poncho Liner, Digital Woodland Camo (MARPAT) pattern
Login to view P/N 8405-01-547-2559 Poncho Liner, USGI Issue, ACU Pattern (UCP)
Login to view P/N 8405-01-502-3430 Poncho Liner, USGI Issue, Desert Camouflage (DCU) Pattern
Login to view P/N 8405-01-657-5492 Poncho Liner, USGI Issue, OD Green
Login to view P/N 8405-01-607-1111 Poncho Liner, USGI Issue, Reversible, Coyote Brown and Woodland MARPAT
Login to view P/N 8405-00-889-3683 Poncho Liner, USGI Issue, Woodland Camouflage Pattern

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