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: Trucks and Truck Tractors Wheeled
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: 5

Part Number NSN Nomenclature Action
Login to view P/N 2320-01-481-8577 M1128 STRYKER MGS (Mobile Gun System)
Login to view P/N 2320-01-505-0871 M1129A1 STRYKER MCV (Mortar Carrier Vehicle), Type B (Mounted)
Login to view P/N 2320-01-481-8574 M1131 STRYKER FSV (Fire Support Vehicle)
Login to view P/N 2320-01-481-8579 M1135 STRYKER NBCRV (NBC Recon Vehicle)
Login to view P/N 2320-01-481-8575 STRYKER ICV (INFANTRY CARRIER VEHICLE)

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