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Author:  armyproperty [ Sun May 11, 2008 1:42 pm ]
Post subject:  HMMWV

When inventorying humvees, you may want to also check the following items:
(Also see our HMMWV page at

End Items:
FM Commo -- make sure little stuff like hand mikes, locking levers (with locks!), etc are present and functional. Make sure amps are installed, and connections are good, cables are properly routed instead of in a jumble, antennas laced (so they won't come loose), etc.
Weapon mounts -- make sure all the little hardware, clips, etc are present. Make sure the turret ring (if present) rotates smoothly.

Fire extinguisher, with bracket: when was the last time it was inspected? has it been discharged?
Spare tire? (humvees should have these if deploying or in theater). Also ask the operator when was the last time he checked the tire pressure.
Pioneer tool rack: present? does it have a lock?

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