mess knives and forks R.I.A. 1916
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Author:  Hartmut [ Thu Aug 04, 2016 12:36 am ]
Post subject:  mess knives and forks R.I.A. 1916

Hi, I'm Hartmut from Germany,

at the moment I am on holiday in the South of France, near St Gaudens, which is situated almost in the middle between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, close to the Pyrenees.

Why do I write all this? Today I bought a fork at a jumble sale, not any fork but a fork belonging to the US army equipment, obviously produced in 1916, because on the backside of this fork there is an engravement:R.I.A. 1916.

On the frontside there is a big U.S.and then there are some letters and numbers pressed into the material by hand (punch): TMFA 5 and above that 36.

Is it possible that this fork was the property of the 5th army, fighting in Europe in the 2nd World War?

I would be thankful if anybody could help me 'understand my fork', although I am in doubt that it is mine.

So Thanks in advance


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