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 Post subject: M107 / XM107 Parts and Accessories
PostPosted: Mon Apr 21, 2008 10:35 pm 

Joined: Sun Mar 23, 2008 4:09 pm
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This information is now at the following link:

bags and cases
1005-01-465-5685 rifle backpack woodland camo, includes gun mat
1005-01-534-4534 barrett drag bag used as a cover to transport weapon
1005-01-479-9073 barrett backpack with shooting mat 3 different colors black, desert, wooodland
1005-01-479-9062 barrett rifle carrying case 3 different colors black, desert, wooodland
1005-01-415-0154 barrett hard case/auxiliary case hard plastic carrying case
5140-01-512-8449 deployment kit bag bag is black made by barrett 14.5in by 7.25in
8465-01-507-5233 equipment weapon bag made by barrett
1240-01-502-9044 optical instrument case to be discont-use until deleted
8465-01-514-8504 shoulder straps used with drag bag
1005-01-505-9110 gun cover has scope and muzzle covers
1005-01-504-3429 gun muzzle cover slip on muzzle cover
5340-01-504-8516 case carrying strap made by barrett

weapon parts
1240-01-505-5107 sighting system M107 rifle issued replacement scope for 50 cal rifle
1005-00-312-7177 small arms sling made by rock island arsenal
1005-00-444-9514 barrett soft mount (BSM) allows the rifle to be mounted on the M3 or M122 tripods

deployment parts kit
6650-01-502-1873 anti reflective device/eyeshield, optical instrument made by the tenebraex corp
1240-01-502-1295 laser filter unit us army issue
6650-01-502-1874 eyepiece lens cover made by butler creek
6650-01-502-1871 objective lens cover made by butler creek
5315-01-300-2640 quick release pin made by barrett
5315-01-210-0923 quick release pin made by barrett
5340-01-502-6888 turret cover/protective cap made by leupold
5305-01-502-4412 scope ring screw made by leupold
1005-01-357-4805 cartridge/plunger extractor made by barrett
5360-01-358-3036 extractor spring/helical compression spring made by barrett
1005-01-415-3868 cartridge extractor made by barrett
5310-01-502-1527 bolt nut made by leupold
5310-01-502-1525 bolt keeper/lock washer made by leupold
5306-01-502-4414 scope ring bolt/machine bolt made by leupold
5360-01-358-3039 bolt spring/helical compression spring made by barrett
7510-00-074-4952 pressure sensitive tape ui roll 60 yards per roll

deployment tool kit
5220-01-260-2645 65lb/in torque wrench (3/8 drive) made by remington
5120-00-237-0977 1/2in socket (3/8 drive)
5120-00-228-9506 1/2in short handle combination wrench
5120-01-335-1435 1/16in roll pin punch
5120-00-198-5401 .050 L-shaped allen wrench
5120-00-242-7410 3/32in L-shaped allen wrench

miles gear
6920-01-540-5294 miles iws kit for M107 sniper rifle

cleaning kit and supplies
1005-01-503-1348 gun cleaning kit model CK-1 made by barrett kit has 10 items in it
1005-01-516-7073 gun cleaning kit model CK-2 made by barrett kit has 14 items in it
5140-01-516-7147 maintenance equipment case/tool and accessories roll made by barrett
1005-01-502-5675 panoply patches/cleaning patches ui pack,10 per pack
1005-00-288-3565 small arms cleaning swabs ui pg 1000 per pg
9150-01-509-0426 2/30oz bottle breakfree/cleaning compound ui bt,12 per pack
1005-00-653-5441 5 piece cleaning rod the handle is T shaped for 50 cal weapons
1005-01-502-5842 extension rod/cleaning rod section made by barrett
1005-01-502-5844 cleaning eye patch rod end/swab holder made by barrett
1005-01-512-4361 t-handle obstruction remover made by otis weapon cleaning kit company
1005-01-502-5673 cleaning cable/pullthrough small arms cleaning made by barrett
1005-01-513-4991 bronze bore brush/cleaning brush small arms made by barrett
1005-00-766-0915 bronze chamber brush/cleaning brush small arms made by rock island arsenal
1005-01-502-5815 cleaning brush made by barrett
9920-00-292-9946 pipe cleaner ui bx 1344 per bx
7920-00-205-1711 wiping rags ui bundle 50lb per bundle

otis cleaning kit
1005-01-526-7354 multi weapon cleaning kit 9mm to 50 cal rifle cleaning kit
1005-01-523-9985 otis optic cleaning kit used to clean scopes, range finders, binocular
1005-01-523-9988 otis optic cleaning kit used to clean scopes, range finders, binocular

gerber/otis cleaning kit
5180-01-516-3224 50 cal kit rifle cleaning kit 50 cal kit with gerber multi tool, flashlight, and otis cleaning kit in black sheath

oil and cleaning compounds
9150-01-102-1473 CLP ui bottle 1/2oz per bottle
9150-00-949-0323 lubricating oil (LSAT) ui tube 8oz per tube
9150-01-109-7793 lubricating oil (LSAT) ui can 1lb per can
6850-00-224-6656 rifle bore cleaning compound ui bottle 2oz per bottle
6850-00-224-6657 rifle bore cleaning compound ui can 8oz per can
6850-00-224-6663 rifle bore cleaning compound 1 gallon
9150-00-935-6597 lubricating oil (LSA) ui bottle 2oz per bottle
9140-00-889-3522 lubricating oil (LSA) ui bottle 8oz per bottle
9150-00-687-4241 lubricating oil (LSA) ui can 1 quart per can
9150-00-753-4686 lubricating oil (LSA) ui can 1 gallon per can
9150-00-292-9689 lubricating oil (LAW) ui can 1 quart per can

optics cleaning kit
1005-01-260-2661 lens cleaning case made by remington arms
6640-00-663-0832 rifle scope lens paper ui book 50 per book size 4 x 6 inch
7920-00-205-0565 lens dusting brush ui ea camel hair brush with horse hair filler
1005-01-445-6798 lens cleaning brush set ui set
8020-00-619-8929 artist's brush/cleaning brush gsa item
8020-00-224-8010 cleaning brush ui ea
6515-01-234-6838 Q-tip cotton ui pg 100 per pg
7920-00-965-1709 paper towel ui box 1350 sheets per box
6810-00-983-8551 technical isopropyl alcohol ui quart
8125-00-824-9058 bottle (for isopropyl alcohol) ui ea
6850-00-392-9751 optical lens cleaning compound ui bottle 2oz per bottle
6850-00-754-2672 antifogging compound ui 1 pint
5120-00-254-4612 watchmaker's blower for removing dirt or foreign matter from small instruments
6640-01-454-6834 lens cloth ui pg 100 per pg 100% non-woven cotton used for sights, optics, and lens

magazine and parts
1005-01-385-2805 barrett M82A1A 50 cal 10 round mag
1005-01-358-1342 barrett 50 cal magazine ui is ea
1005-01-358-2805 magazine tube discontinued w/o replacement
1005-01-358-9718 magazine follower made by barrett
5630-01-358-7910 magazine spring made by barrett
1005-01-358-9712 magazine floor plate made by barrett

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