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    What are BII / COEI Listings?

BII (Basic Issue Item) and COEI (Components Of End Item) Listings are descriptions (usually with pictures), contained in each end item's Technical Manual (TM), of the various parts and equipment which are required for that item to be "complete."  For instance, the Component Listing of a HMMWV shows the tools (jack, lug wrench, sledge hammer), fire extinguisher, first-aid kit, and other items that the operator would need when taking it on a field exercise or deploying to combat.  Components are generally broken down into 3 areas, and will be displayed in this order:  Components Of the End Item (COEI), Basic Issue Items (BII), or the Additional Authorization List (AAL).  Some end items have just one component (for instance, a TM), or none at all.  Some mechanics' tool kits, on the other hand, have hundreds or even thousands.  To find out if a particular end item has a component listing, check the table, but keep in mind that the "ultimate authority" on this subject is each item's own TM.  Also be advised that TM's (and COEI / BII listings) can change with no prior warning.  To ensure you are using the absolute most-recent TM, check DA PAM 25-30.

What are Component Hand Receipts?

Component Hand Receipts are item-by-item listings, usually compiled on a DA 2062 Hand Receipt, which allow supervisors and subordinates to document, in writing, the exact quantities of components which are on hand for each end item being inventoried.  Any time you sign for new equipment, you must ensure it is complete according to the component listing, meaning all COEI and BII are present.  If any components are missing at the time you take possession of the new property, you and your supervisor must document this fact on a component hand receipt, or a shortage annex.  Otherwise you may be held financially responsible for missing components, which could cost you thousands of dollars! 

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