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Multi-Tool NSN's

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How to Acquire:  Unit-level supply personnel should use the Class II / IX supply system to requisition these items.  Alternatively, for small-quantity orders, IMPAC cards could work as well, using the links which are provided below.  Soldiers and leaders should use official channels to the best of their ability before spending their own hard-earned money to purchase these items. 

5110-00-526-8740 Camillus rigger's knife switchblade with cord cutter orange handle
5110-00-530-1757 Camillus rigger's knife with marlinespike 3 1/2 in folding knife with marlinspike
1095-01-533-9377 Camillus X-18 switchblade switchblade knife with black handle
1095-01-493-1793 Camillus CQB CUDA (Close Quarters Battle Knife) 11 inch knife fixed blade
1095-01-493-1802 Camillus/becker tac-tool 7 inch blade fixed blade 
1095-01-493-1798 Camillus/becker brute 11 inch knife fixed blade
1095-01-518-6832 Ontario New flier's knife (ASEK Survival knife system) fixed blade with cutter
1095-01-523-1972 Ontario RAT-7 12 inch knife fixed blade
1095-01-506-3424 Ontario usmc ka-bar bayonet 13 inch ka-bar bayonet usmc issue
1095-00-392-4102 Ontario KA-BAR 12 inch ka-bar 
1095-01-535-5733 Ontario XM-1S 8 inch folder black handle
1095-01-535-5724 Ontario XM-1 8 inch folder black handle
1095-01-535-5743 Ontario XM-1DS 8 inch folder desert handle
1095-01-535-5733 Ontario XM-1D 8 inch folder desert handle
1095-01-515-9874 Ontario Freedom Fighter Fighting knife ka-bar style fixed blade
1095-01-515-9893 Ontario navy/divers knife 12 inches double edge fixed blade
1095-00-391-1056 Ontario Mark 3 Navy Knife 11 inch knife fixed blade
1095-01-515-9869 Ontario Tak knife 10 inch knife fixed blade
1095-01-466-8569 BlackHawk / MOD (Masters of Defense) CQD MARK VI 9 inch knife fixed blade 
1095-01-466-8569 benchmade Nimravus  9 inch knife fixed blade 
1095-01-446-4348 benchmade Auto 9050 switchblade with pouch
1095-01-456-4457 benchmade Auto 9100 switchblade with pocket clip
5110-01-432-6191 benchmade 970s 8 inch folder
5110-01-451-0707 benchmade ascent/830 8 inch folder
5110-01-452-2215 benchmade ascent II 8 1/2 inch folder
4240-01-543-9618 benchmade 7" Rescue / Safety Hook  4 1/4 inch hook safety knife
5110-01-467-2199 umoe schat harding inc pocket knife folding knife with hawkbill blade with can opener
7340-00-098-4327 army issue fliers knife old style knife with sharping stone
5110-01-432-6186 spyderco Endura folding knife, thumb hole one hand knife with pocket clip
5110-01-480-9782 spyderco rescue knife folding knife, thumb hole one hand knife with pocket clip handle is blue
5110-01-451-6336 spyderco 1102r folding knife, thumb hole one hand knife with pocket clip
1095-01-522-6608 surefire ew-01 alpha knife folding knife with pocket clip
1095-01-533-1437 strider bd-cube 11 3/4 in fixed blade knife multi purpose
1095-01-531-5015 strider Strider/Buck Military Folder (SBMF) 9 inch knife folding knife 
1095-01-531-5023 strider dbl fixed blade 8 1/4 in knife
1095-01-503-7230 strider eod fixed blade
1095-01-503-7231 strider eod k fixed blade
1095-01-525-2832 Blackhawk CQD mark V fixed blade
1095-01-525-3772 Blackhawk mark VI serrated fixed blade
1095-01-522-3776 Blackhawk elishewitz phoenix fixed blade
1095-01-520-5900 Blackhawk Mark 1 Auto switchblade
1095-01-520-5903 Blackhawk Mark 1 Auto serrated switchblade
1095-01-521-9343 Blackhawk Keating Hornet switchblade
1095-01-521-9358 Blackhawk MPAK fighter serated  switchblade
1095-01-521-9360 Blackhawk Mark II plain edge switchblade
1095-01-523-5192 Blackhawk Tanto Serrated switchblade
1095-01-525-2829 Blackhawk 875 fighter serrated switchblade
1095-01-520-5904 Blackhawk mark II serrated switchblade
1095-01-522-1055 Blackhawk clip point serrated switchblade
1095-01-525-2823 Blackhawk Harkins Triton Serrated switchblade out the front 
7340-01-454-1476 Cold Steel Trail Master big bowie knife 
5110-01-536-5064 columbia river  ryan model seven 6813K folding pocket knife with 3 1/2 in blade
5110-01-520-3582 skedco folding rescue knife made for cutting fabric or seat belts can be used as a glass punch
4240-01-505-1840 rothco inc survival knife kit  hollow handle with finger saw, fish line/hooks slingshot screw off compass top 
7340-01-487-6033 buck  hunting knife model 120 fixed blade knife with leather sheath

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5110-01-451-0024 Buck X-Tract Multi-Tool Buck Multi-Tool 
5110-01-385-7401 kershaw multi-tool needle nose vise grips with black pouch
Other Edged Tools
5110-01-435-3906 Camillus knife and ax set hunting knife with hooked blade hunters ax comes with sheath 
5110-01-435-3909 Camillus knife and ax set hunting knife with drop point blade hunters ax comes with sheath 
1095-01-515-9877 Ontario SP-16 SPAX 13 inch combat axe
4210-01-518-7244 american tomahawk co atc combat tomahawk 
5110-00-720-0711 vaughan bushnell  camp axe ui ea with sheath, handle is 13 inches long with a 1 3/4 pound head
4240-00-495-9131 paratech incorporated  emergency escape and resuce ax ui ea steel handle with rubber sleeve 
5120-01-363-3690 army issue  mattock/axe 12in handle with 2 1/4lbs  ax/mattock head with alice clip style carrier
5110-01-474-5393 kipper tool co  machete and sheath ui ea 17in combination machete and bush hook, with black cordura sheath
5110-00-813-1286 army issue  machete ui ea 18 inch blade (just the machete sheath must be order seprate)
8465-00-926-4932 army issue  machete sheath ui ea machete sheath
5110-01-518-8669 bahco folding hand saw ui ea 8 inch saw blade used for cutting green or dry wood 
5110-00-570-6896 army issue  finger saw  ui ea 19.75in to 20.25in blade with rings at both ends
TL linemans tool kit      
5180-00-408-1859 army issue  tool kit ui kt holster, knife, and pliers wire cutter
5110-00-240-5943 army issue  pocket knife ui ea workmans pocket knife
5120-00-247-2063 army issue  pliers ui ea pliers wire cutter
5140-00-498-8898 army issue  tool carrier/holster ui ea leather carrier for knife and pliers

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EOD Tools 
5120-00-029-0683 picatinny arsenal  blasting cap crimper  plier type w/fuse cutter cadmium or zinc finish 
5120-01-313-6937 combat simulation systems blasting cap crimper  for SEAL team issue 
1386-00-832-4175 navy issue  craftsman's knife  for EOD use nonsparking and nonmagnetic with AL32 curved point
5110-01-421-6391 navy issue  pocket knife  EOD issue pocket knife 
1386-01-417-1263 misson mpk dive knife fix blade titanium knife EOD issue knife 
6665-01-432-6212 misson mine probe 26 inches long
6665-01-432-6213 misson mine probe 17 inches long 3 piece kit plastic handle titanium section and tip 
6665-01-444-1083 misson mine probe 6 1/2 inches long plastic handle titanium section and tip 
Sharpening Stones
5110-01-514-7772 klawhorn industries inc military knife sharpener military card stye, ceramic honing surface
5110-01-514-7782 klawhorn industries inc hunting knife sharpener card type ceramic honing surface with sheath
5345-01-392-4011 DMT  Sharpening Stone  8 x 3 inch coarse diamond sharpening stone
5345-01-392-6520 DMT  Sharpening Stone 8 x 3 inch fine diamond sharpening stone
5345-01-529-6204 DMT  Sharpening Stone  3 x 2 inch diamond sharpener
5345-01-438-3014 eze-lap diamond sharpener Sharpening Stone  6 inch fine diamond sharpener
5345-00-215-1881 GSA  3 sided sharpening stone  three grit stones coarse, medium and fine comes 1 pint of oil
5345-01-491-9076 brownells inc sharpening stone set arkansas stone set
5345-01-120-0383 elgin diamond products sharpening stone 4 inch long 500 grit medium stone

"Leatherman-Assisted Tooth Extraction"


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