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    MagLite NSN's


6230-01-416-8513 mini mag light uses 2 AA batts
6230-01-395-5230 mini mag light uses 2 AA batts and comes with pocket clip, lanyard, and red, amber, and clear lens
6230-01-291-7531 2D cell black mag light uses 2 D sized batteries
6230-01-247-7549 3D cell black mag light uses 3 D sized batteries
6230-01-291-7530 4D cell black mag light uses 4 D sized batteries
6230-01-291-7530 5D cell black mag light uses 5 D sized batteries
6230-01-435-0741 6D cell black mag light uses 6 D sized batteries

SG551-SWAT with mounted MagLite

Vehicular Mounting Bracket for MagLite

(Also See our Master Flashlight / Chemlight NSN List)

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ACU Standard Uniform Coat and Trousers; Rigger's Belt, Sand Color
ACU Insignia (Rank, Qual Badges, Nametapes, US Flag, etc)
ACU Unit Patches
ACU Undershirt, Silk Weight Underwear, and Army Combat Shirt
ACU Wet / Cold Weather Gear (Poncho, Rainsuit, Gore-Tex, etc)
ACU Headgear (Patrol Cap, Boonie Cap, ACH Cover, Balaclava, etc)
ACU Gloves and Mittens
ACU Knee and Elbow Pads
ACU MOLLE Equipment Items
ACU Aircrew Uniforms, Mechanics' Coveralls, and CVC Coveralls
ACU Air Warrior System Items
ACU JSLIST and Chemical Protective Coveralls
ACU Maternity Uniforms

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