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NSN's for Camelbak Impact CT Gloves

NSN for XS Camelbak CT Impact Gloves 8415-01-486-8773
NSN for S Camelbak CT Impact Gloves 8415-01-486-9481
NSN for M Camelbak CT Impact Gloves 8415-01-486-9482
NSN for LG Camelbak CT Impact Gloves 8415-01-486-9483
NSN for XL Camelbak CT Impact Gloves 8415-01-486-9487
NSN for XXL Camelbak CT Impact Gloves 8415-01-486-9488




"One of the best-selling gloves from CamelBak®, they are lightweight, breathable and are ideal for all climate types. These gloves are formfitting with ergonomic anti-vibration padding and offer maximum finger dexterity. The perfect pair of gloves if you’re used to handling weapons, impact tools or operating heavy equipment.


Supple, breathable, durable Clarino® palm provides firm grip
Padded palm protects from impact and vibration
Tacky index finger and thumb for extra grip
Two-way stretch, spandex-padded top with conductive anti-static fiber provides snug fit
Neoprene padded knuckles add extra flexibility
Protects from abuse such as heat, cold, abrasion and impact
Machine washable
Black color"

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Combat Assault Glove

  • Meets Military Flame Resistance Requirements
  • Custon Designed to match US Military Uniforms
  • Treated Goatskin Leather for Durability
  • Injection Molded Knuckle Protector
  • 100% Kevlar weave throughout
  • Flame and abrasion resistant
  • Leather reinforced in high-wear areas
  • Thermal and cut resistent
Special Operations Light Assult Glove
  • A HellStorm original design
  • Ideal for high-speed tactical operations
  • Excellent tactility and dexterity for weapon or tool operation
  • Quick-drying and durable advanced synthetic composite construction
  • Dual back-of-hand and wrist adjustments for wrist support and secure custom fit
  • Quad Stitching allows customized removal of the index finger for trigger or keypad operation


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