Army Combat Shirt (ACS) NSN's -

Army Combat Shirt (ACS) NSN's


NSN Size Availability
8415-01-548-7187 X-Small See Below (Column 3)
8415-01-548-7201 Small See Below (Column 3)
8415-01-548-7206 Medium See Below (Column 3)
8415-01-548-7209 Large See Below (Column 3)
8415-01-548-7232 X-Large See Below (Column 3)
8415-01-548-7215 XX-Large See Below (Column 3)
8415-01-548-7236 XXX-Large See Below (Column 3)


  Long-Sleeve T-Shirt

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SuperFabric Army Combat Shirt helps you stay cool when the action and the weather heat up.
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sizing chart
Where is the "Army Strong" logo?

Sleeves ACU Pattern ACU Pattern ACU Pattern
Body ACU Pattern Foliage Green Foliage Green
Pockets NONE YES, Zippered YES, Zippered
Velcro NONE YES, Cuff Closures and Patch / Flag Attachment YES, Cuff Closures and Patch / Flag Attachment
Material (Torso) 50/50 Polyester / Cotton Cordura NYCO Cotton / Rayon
Material (Sleeves) 50/50 Polyester / Cotton Cordura NYCO Cotton
Flame Resistant ***NOT***
NO Melt, NO Drip NO Melt, NO Drip
NSN Ordering Unavailable Unavailable RFI ISSUE ONLY
(See Above for NSN's)
Credit Card Ordering* Available Now -- $13.00* Available Now -- $59.00* Available in limited quantities-- Add to Cart to see price.

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Important Ordering Information: We have had trouble with Google Checkout lately when the shipping address and credit card address do not match. If your order does not get accepted by Google, please try again making sure that the addresses are the same or contact us and we will make the necessary arrangements. Also, please provide a ".mil" email contact address when placing your order, and/or a delivery address located on a military installation. Uniform items will not be sold to individuals whose identity we cannot confirm -- No exceptions!

Army Combat Shirt (ACS) ñ flame resistant **Official RFI Issue Item**

Made by Massif Mountain Gear Company, this is the only army approved and certified acs

Created with three of Massif's most innovative flame-resistant fabrics, the ACS is the new standard for hot weather combat gear. Lightweight and extremely comfortable torso fabrics increase airflow, reduce chafe, and wick sweat away from your skin. The sleeve fabric provides extra flame, heat, and abrasion protection for exposed areas without sacrificing comfort. Available only for members of the U.S. Military.

  • Extensively field tested by the U.S. Army for flame resistance during flash fire simulations.
  • Passes rigorous flame testing including the international ASTM standard (F2302-03) for flame resistance.
Army Combat Shirt Features
  • Full flame-resistant construction
  • 4-way stretch fabrics greatly increase comfort and range of motion
  • Flat seams minimize chafing under body armor
  • Shoulder pockets with lightweight FR zippers keep gear within reach
  • Concealable IR tab helps identify friend or foe
  • Loop patches display name, rank, flag, and unit
  • FR elbow pads with SuperFabric® abrasion dots offer extra abrasion resistance and flame protection
  • Pen pocket on forearm for easy access
  • Wrist cuffs adjust for a custom fit
  • Approved by the Army for use in aviation
  • The Team Soldier seal inside the collar indicates authenticity

Made in the USA

Tactical Response Uniform Combat Shirt (TCS) overview 

**New, JAN 2009**

The T.R.U. Combat Shirt torso / body is made from CorduraÆ brand Baselayer. This 60/40 cotton / nylon blend insulates the body when exposed to high temperatures and will not drip or melt onto the skin like polyester or "polypro," thereby reducing burn injuries.  CorduraÆ Baselayer fabric is also highly  breathable and wicks away moisture 2.5 times faster than 100% cotton, plus it dries quickly.  Even though the fabric is soft, lightweight and comfortable, CorduraÆ adds superior durability in order to minimize tears and other abrasions.  The TCS (made by Atlanco) is a logical alternative for Soldiers or units not currently scheduled to receive the ACS through the Rapid Fielding Initiative.

  • 50/50 NYCO rip-stop sleeves with 60/40 cotton nylon no melt, no drip CorduraÆ brand Baselayer
  • Moisture wicking
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • No shoulder seams to minimize rubbing and chaffing
  • Mock turtle neck
  • Zippered sleeve storage pockets
  • Anti-abrasion padded elbow patch
  • Gusseted sleeves
  • Glint tape holder for IR tape
  • Loop on sleeve pockets for attaching name, rank, unit and flag insignia
  • Hook-and-loop cuff closures

Long-Sleeve T-Shirt overview

The Long-Sleeve T-Shirt is NOT flame resistant and should NEVER be worn in a combat environment.  It is provided as an alternative to the TCS and ACS, and may be useful during extended-duration, hot-weather training exercises with body armor, as an alternative to wearing the heavier 2-layer (t-shirt and jersey) ACU ensemble.


  • Double Needle Sport Collar Prevents Neck From Sagging
  • Full Cut Body
  • Minimum Shrinkage
  • Color Fastness For Longer Wear
  • Knitted Cuff
  • Sizing Chart for the Army Combat Shirt

    31 1/2"
    32 1/4"
    33 3/4"
    34 1/2"
    35 1/4"
    • Please note that the dimentions refer to body size, not garment size.
    • Chest Circumference: Lift arm and measure around the broadest part of the chest.
    • Arm Length: Bend elbow and measure from the back of neck to elbow, and then to wrist

    Where is the Army Strong logo?

    In order to facilitate use of the Army Combat Shirt by other services, the manufacturer has decided to remove the "Army Strong" logo that used to appear on the front of the Army Combat Shirt. Therefore, any Army Combat Shirts purchased from now on will not have the "Army Strong" logo on the front. Rest assured, with or without the logo, this is the same product.

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