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TEMPER Tent (Tent, Extendable, Modular, Personal; also known as "Frame Tent"); Various LINs and NSNs

Temper tent

The COEI / BII Listings and Component Hand Receipts on, extracted from TM 10-8340-224-13, are valid for numerous TEMPER Tent models:

8340-01-185-2626 Type I - Green 8340-01-212-9468 Type I - Tan
8340-01-185-2617 Type II - Green 8340-01-212-8469 Type II - Tan
8340-01-185-2615 Type III - Green 8340-01-212-9470 Type III - Tan
8340-01-185-6272 Type IV - Green 8340-01-185-2628 Type IV - Tan
8340-01-185-2614 Type V - Green 8340-01-212-9471 Type V - Tan
8340-01-185-2618 Type VI - Green 8340-01-212-9472 Type VI - Tan
8340-01-185-2613 Type VII - Green 8340-01-212-9473 Type VII - Tan
8340-01-257-8468 Type VIII - Green 8340-01-257-8475 Type VIII - Tan
8340-01-257-8469 Type IX - Green 8340-01-257-8476 Type IX - Tan
8340-01-257-8470 Type X - Green 8340-01-257-8477 Type X - Tan
8340-01-257-8471 Type XI - Green 8340-01-257-8478 Type XI - Tan
8340-01-257-8472 Type XII - Green 8340-01-257-8479 Type XII - Tan
8340-01-258-8473 Type XIII - Green 8340-01-258-6482 Type XIII - Tan
8340-01-257-8474 Type XIV - Green 8340-01-257-8480 Type XIV - Tan
8340-01-325-0131 Type XV - Green 8340-01-XXX-XXXX Type XV - Tan
8340-01-324-7971 Type XVI - Green 8340-01-XXX-XXXX Type XVI - Tan

The Tent, Extendable Modular Personnel (TEMPER) , a modular, soft-walled, aluminum framed supported tent made of vinyl coated polyester duck cloth that is fire, mildew and water resistant, is designed to grow exponentially and set up in multiple configurations.

The most common TEMPER tent configuration is the 32' x 20' billeting version. TEMPER tents are also used for many other functions, including field feeding, latrines, administrative offices, shops, kitchens, shower/shave units and medical facilities.

The TEMPER tent can be extended in length in 8 ft. increments and can be erected in 40 minutes by 5 soldiers (Type IV). The floor area is 640 sq. ft. (Type IV, Personnel -- 4 sections).

Designed to withstand various weather conditions, including desert, tropical and temperate climates, the TEMPER tents' outer cloth colors (camo green or desert tan) are designed to camouflage the TEMPER tent against the intended terrain and are visual and electronic suppressive with a blackout coating for protection from night optic vision gear.

An optional wind resistant fly is also available for the reduction of heat load.

The TEMPER tent has many major components. The major fabric components include the window section, end section, door section and fly. The fly covers the roof of the tent and provides supporting insulation. Utility support for these tents includes electrical service for lighting and convenience outlets and provisions for heating and cooling.

Key Benefits:

  • Leak free heat sealed blackout material outer shell system with optional wind resistant fly!
  • Designed to withstand various climates and weather elements including wet, snow, high wind and tropical conditions!
  • Fire, mildew & water resistant
  • Complexes with MGTPS & Air Force Small Shelter System

Key Features:

  • Folding aluminum interior frame system - Requires minimum guy ropes and stakes for quick set-up
  • Expandable in 8-foot increments with addition of roof / wall sections
  • Multiple configurations can be achieved with interchangeable roof / wall sections - Designed for steady 50 MPH wind load and gusts up to 65 MPH
  • Available in forest green or desert tan colors designed to camouflage and blend with surrounding terrain

Size / Weight:

Size: 8'L X 20'6" W X 6'9" H (one section - eave to peak)

Weight: 1328 lbs (Type IV)

Typical Accessories:

Major End Items
NSN Description
4520-01-468-7112 Heater, Space / Barracks, Tent, Non-Powered, Liquid Fuel (burns JP-8 or kerosene directly from a 5-gallon can, approx 1 gallon / hr).  This is the most effective tent heater ever introduced through the supply system.  It is completely legal, vents all fumes out of the tent, and meets all Army safety regulations... which the "jet heaters" do not.  Basically a modernized Pot Belly stove, it will heat an entire Battalion TOC (approx 4 SICPS tents or a 2-section TEMPER tent) to over 60 degrees on a sub-freezing day. 
3rd Party Accessories -- COTS (Commercial, Off-the-Shelf)
Company Description
(Various) Power inverters:  Electronic devices which convert military vehicles' 24-volt DC power into 120-volt household AC power, in order to run computers, tools, and other equipment. 

Related End Items ("Also See...")

NSN Description
(Various) ASIP / SINCGARS FM Commo System.  Used in TEMPER tents when units operate command posts inside them.
5985-01-063-1574 Antenna, OE-254
5985-01-381-6341 QEAM (Quick Erect Antenna Mount) System.  Vehicle-mounted, 10-meter, telescopic long-range antenna.  Replaces OE-254.  Frequently used on M113 / M577 series vehicles.
(Various) Electric Generators
(Various) SICPS Tent Family

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