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Rifle, 7.62mm, M14-Series, Various LINs and NSNs.   

The M14 was developed from a long line of experimental weapons based upon the M1 Garand. Although the Garand was among the most advanced infantry rifles of the 1940s, it was not a perfect weapon. Modifications were beginning to be made to the basic M1 rifle's design since the twilight of the Second World War. Changes included adding fully automatic firing capability and replacing the 8-round "en bloc" clips with a detachable box magazine holding 20 rounds. Winchester, Remington, and Springfield Armory's own John Garand offered different conversion designs. Garand's design, the T20, was the most popular, and T20 prototypes served as the basis for a number of Springfield test rifles from 1945 through the early 1950s.


The Component Hand Receipts on are valid for the M14-Series rifle.
LIN NSN Nomenclature
R95114 1005-00-589-1271 M14 Rifle
R95251 1005-00-072-5011 M14A1 Rifle (Automatic)
R95388 1005-00-678-9828 M14 Rifle (Match)

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NSN Description
1005-01-231-0973 M4, Rifle, 5.56mm
1005-01-128-9936 M16A2, Rifle, 5.56mm (Most widely-used M16 variant)
1005-01-383-2872 M16A4, Rifle, 5.56mm (Similar to M16A2, but with detachable carrying handle and modular rail system)
1005-00-903-0751 M134 Minigun ("Gatling Gun"), 7.62mm
1005-01-534-2841 XM110 Semi-Automatic Sniper System (SASS)
1005-01-469-2133 Rifle, .50 Caliber, Sniper:  XM107 (Barrett Family)
TBP Rifle, 5.56mm, HK416

M14 Enhanced Battle Rifle (Commercially-Produced Body and Stock Assembly)

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Intro / Overview of M14 EBR

EBR Silencer Demonstration

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