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Gerber Deluxe Mine Probe tool kit

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Gerber deluxe mine probe kit. Depending on battlefield conditions, the EOD operator can use one or all three titanium shaft lengths to delicately probe the dirt for hidden explosives. Having interchangeable non-conducting delrin probe tips provides additional safety where electrical trip mechanisms are a hazard. With an overall length of 25-Inch the titanium rod transmits the slightest contact upwards through the shaft. The material density composition of the delrin handle continues the transmission to the operators hand. The black ballistic cloth carrying sheath is designed to fit onto the H harness, the web belt, mollie vest or be tucked away in the pack ready to be assembled at the first sign of danger. The kit includes: Three 6-Inch titanium shafts, Three titanium mine probe tips, Three delrin mine probe tips, D.E.T. tool with blasting crimper, stream light Stylus LED flashlight, delrin handle, Gerber MP-600 series DET multi-tool technical specs: Weight: 22.2-ounce sheath: ballistic nylon

Product Description
Probe shallow. Probe deep. Probe as circumstances dictate with Gerber's Mine Probe Kit. The small, easy-to-stow collection of shafts and tips that carries compactly and assembles easily. The shafts are engineered from titanium, and they combine for an overall length of 25 inches. Importantly these shafts are sensitive enough to transmit even the slightest contact. The interchangeable probing tips are made of Delrin, which is a non-conductive material. The kit comes complete with a black ballistic nylon sheath that attaches to an H-harness, web belt or Molle vest.


Deluxe Mine Probe tool kit
Eod multi-tool, flashlight, 3 piece titanium probe in black sheath



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