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Rifle, .50 caliber, Sniper:  XM107 / M107

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From Wikipedia:  The M107 Long Range Sniper Rifle is a semi-automatic .50 caliber sniper rifle adopted by the US Army in the early 2000s, manufactured by Barrett Firearms Company.  It is also sold as the Barrett M107 commercially.  It is a new designation of the M82 Special Applications Scoped Rifle (which has also been commercially available from Barrett as the M82 series) in the US military. The M107 is used for traditional sniper tasks, but is especially useful for long-range, counter-sniper, and anti-materiel roles which make use of its tremendous kinetic-energy and range advantages over more traditional smaller bore sniper rifles.

There are no significant differences between the Barrett M82A1M/M82A3 and the M107. However, production M107s appear to have the addition of a rear monopod and there are rumors of internal improvements as well, but information has not been widely available.

The M107 was voted one of 2005's Top 10 Military Inventions by the U.S. Army.

Designation Description
M82 12.7x99mm Barrett M82 semi-automatic rifle.
M82A1 12.7x99mm Barrett M82A1 semi-automatic rifle. Improved variant including redesigned muzzle brake.
M82A1A 12.7x99mm Barrett M82A1 semi-automatic rifle variant. Optimized for use with the Mk 211 Mod 0 .50 caliber round.
M82A1M 12.7x99mm Barrett M82A1 semi-automatic rifle variant. Improved variant including lengthened accessory rail. Includes rear grip and monopod socket.
M82A2 12.7x99mm Barrett M82A2 semi-automatic bullpup rifle.
M82A3 12.7x99mm Barrett M82A3 semi-automatic rifle. New production rifles built to M82A1M specficiations, featuring lengthened accessory rail which is usually, but not always, raised higher up than the M82A1M/M107. Unlike the M82A1M/M107, it does not include rear grip and monopod socket.
XM107 / M107 Initially used to designate 12.7x99mm Barrett M95 bolt-action rifle. Designation changed to apply to an product improved M82A1M variant. Includes rear grip and monopod socket.

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