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Military Police Taser NSN's

Item Name & Picture
Item Description
Taser X26 pistol model 26000 Black x26 with silver hand grips, dpm battery, and holster 1095-01-528-1930
Taser X26 pistol model 26016 Black x26 with black hand grips, xdpm battery and holster 1095-01-543-2189
Taser X26 pistol Comes with a holster 1095-01-529-4911
Taser cartridge 10 per pg 1395-01-528-6894
Taser training cartridge 10 per pg 1395-01-528-6893
Taser rifle rail clip Taser quick release x-rail clip, mounts X26 pistol to picatinny rail 1095-01-534-4374
Taser X26 pistol holster X26 taser pistol 1095-01-528-6939
Taser XDPM extended digital power magazine Battery magazine for X26 pistol 6130-01-528-6895
Taser M series emd weapons air cartridge 15 foot training cartrige for X26 pistol 1395-01-534-1983
Taser xp air cartridge model 44203 25 foot range for X26 pistol 1095-01-533-1733
Taser ammunition clip for X26 pistol   1095-01-528-6892
Taser data transfer interface unit   7025-01-528-6897
OC/Pepper Spray
Pepper spray 12 per bx each can 12oz 6850-01-444-1117
Pepper spray ui ea 1365-01-444-9544
OC spray us army model XM39 ui ea 1040-01-501-4380
OC spray us army model XM38 ui ea 1040-01-501-4384
OC spray us army model XM40 ui ea 1040-01-501-4423
OC spray us army model XM37 ui ea 1040-01-463-0157
Hand grenade model M25A ui ea 1330-00-645-6211
40MM cs round model M674 ui ea, for M203 1310-00-935-9229
Decon towelette 50 per bx 6850-01-441-7259
DEF-TEC MK-46V pepper spray 46 oz bottle 6850-01-571-6912
DEF-TEC MK-9 pepper spray 12 oz bottle 6850-01-571-6922


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