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Crimson Trace LaserGrips


Crimson Trace LaserGrips can be purchased through the Army supply system, as well as the ArmyProperty store.  LaserGrips provide a substantial aid to quick firing in all light levels (from broad daylight to total darkness), as well as an immediate deterrent effect which can prevent the need for lethal force.  There are some concerns about long-term durability, as the soft rubber grips sometimes experience wear and tear during a long deployment, but they're a tremendous overall addition, and have no major drawbacks.  See below for the known Class IX NSNs for LaserGrips.  (Only a small portion of the total lineup has military NSNs assigned.)

5855-01-485-4098 LG302 Beretta 92 (M9) & 96 Large Frame pistols, including the Centurion (Rubber Wrap- around)
No Known NSN LG301 M1911 Gov't / Commander  (Rubber Wrap around)
No Known NSN LG302M (aka VF302 & VF302M) Pistol Grip Laser Mod (Attach to M1913 Rail) Swing Lever Mount; IR Model (LG302M-IR) also available
No Known NSN LG304 Colt M1911 Compact Officers' & Defender style frames: Kimber 1911 Compact, Ultra Carry and Ultra Elite, Springfield 1911 Compact, V10, Ultra Compact (single stack only) pistols, and Para-Ordinance C 7.45LDA (Rubber Wrap around)
5855-01-460-9153 LG201 1911 / 1991A1 Gov't and Commander style frames, including: Colt, Springfield, Kimber, Browlin Arms, Olympic Arms, Les Baer, Auto-Ordinance, Etc.
5855-01-460-9157 LG202 Beretta 92 (M9) & 96 Large Frame pistols, including the Centurion
5855-01-466-5218 LG226 Sig Sauer P226; IR Model (LG226IR) also available
5855-01-466-5224 LG229 Sig Sauer P229; IR Model (LG229IR) also available
No Known NSN LG309 Browning Hi-Power Standard, Mark III and Practical models, FN Herstal Hi-Power model HP-SA and most Hi-Power clones  (Rubber Wrap around)
No Known NSN LG312 Beretta VERTEC  (Rubber Wrap around)
No Known NSN LG320 Sig Sauer P220  (Rubber Wrap around)
No Known NSN LG326 Sig Sauer P226  (Rubber Wrap around)
5855-01-466-5224 LG329 Sig Sauer P229  (Rubber Wrap around)
No Known NSN LG359 Smith & Wesson 3rd Generation Large-Frame Pistol
No Known NSN LG389 Ruger "P" Series Pistol
5855-01-460-9153 LG401 1911 Government & Commander
No Known NSN LG401P1 (Wood); Fits 1911 Government / Commander
No Known NSN LG401P4 (Carbon); Fits 1911 Government / Commander 
No Known NSN LG401-T; LG401-G 1911 Govt/Full Size (Rubber Wrap Around) Front Activation (Tan / Green)
No Known NSN LG402 Beretta 92 / 96 / M9
5855-01-466-5212 LG403 Ruger Mark II, all MK and KMK models
No Known NSN LG404 M1911 Officer's Compact & Defender 
No Known NSN LG404OD (Olive Drab); Fits 1911 Officer's / Defender
No Known NSN LG439 Sig Sauer P239
No Known NSN LG475 CZ-75
No Known NSN LG490 Beretta Tomcat / Bobcat
No Known NSN LG525 M16 A1/A2 Grip Replacement to Carry Handle Laser Module; IR Model (LG525IR) also available
5855-01-555-9702 LG617 Glock Full-Size 17 / 22
No Known NSN LG619 Glock Compact 19 / 23
No Known NSN LG626 Glock Compact 26 / 27
No Known NSN LG629 Glock Compact 29 / 30

Video of Kimber .45ACP with LaserGrips

LaserGrips for M4/M16-Series Rifles

In addition to its custom-fit grips for pistols, Crimson Trace also manufactures a grip (Model VF302, A.K.A LG302M) which can be installed on rifles and carbines that are equipped with Picatinny (M1913) Rail fore-ends. 

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1005-00-589-1271 M14-Series, Rifle, 7.62mm
1005-00-903-0751 M134 Minigun ("Gatling Gun"), 7.62mm
TBP Rifle, 5.56mm, HK416
1005-01-469-2133 Rifle, .50 Caliber, Sniper:  XM107 (Barrett Family)

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