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Mission of was created in 2005 by a U.S. Army company commander who led 264 troops and was stationed in Southeast Baghdad. Its purpose is to put powerful logistics tools into the hands of Soldiers and leaders in combat units. Our company was incorporated in 2007, and our system is now being used by thousands of Soldiers and leaders on a daily basis, to manage their military equipment (combined value of $2 Billion across all users), as well as to purchase new equipment for individual or organizational use.

Site traffic

Our site's visitors are predominantly U.S. military members or civilians working closely with the military. About 85% of our 200,000 monthly visits and 1.2 million monthly pageviews come from search engine queries for military part listings, forms, and equipment information. We have over 35,000 registered users (a figure which accounts for nearly 10% of all Soldiers in the U.S. Army).

User demographics

The U.S. military payroll exceeds $146 billion annually.* The 1.4 million people serving on active duty are young and affluent, with an average annual compensation of more than $54,000 (vs. $33,700 for all U.S. adults).** They are highly trained, physically fit, and take pride in belonging to the most highly-respected profession in the United States. Nearly 55% are married and heads of household. Unlike many civilians in today's troubled economy, they all have full-time jobs, 30 days' annual paid vacation, with basics like rent and meals and health care already covered. Because they do major shopping through the tax-free military exchange and commissary system, every one of their dollars goes 30% farther. And, because their career advancement is more predictable, military personnel are less inclined to hesitate when making major financial decisions, compared to their civilian peers.

The ArmyProperty user base represents the Army's "executive" front-line decision-makers, in terms of their ranks and organizational positions. They frequently have direct spending authority for their units, overseeing supply & equipment budgets that reach well into the millions of dollars per year, at the higher levels. They are constantly searching for cutting-edge equipment and solutions that will allow them to be as lethal as possible when in combat, and bring their fellow troops home alive. They also value their recreational time very highly, and invest nearly as much energy into their "off-duty" activities as they do on the battlefield. We are proud to be doing our part to assist them. Simply put, our user base represents a very significant and important population, and if you are not already communicating with them, you probably should be.

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To Advertise with, please contact us via email or call us at (703) 269-0013 or (877) 509-3179.

* Including Active Duty, Reserve, National Guard, retired, and civilian personnel. Source: Southern Business and Development, 2008 figure.

** Source: Military Times