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Upgrade your Account

A Unit Account is required to utilize the advanced / manager-level tools in the ArmyProperty online software package.

The following table describes the differences between the 3 types of licenses that Unit Account holders can purchase. You can select a "day pass" or a full 1-year period. (100% risk-free trial period applies to 1-year account upgrades: you may terminate your license for any reason within 5 days of upgrading for a full and unconditional refund.)

License Type
Maximum Number of Authorized Users
Maximum Number of Subordinate Units

24 PLT / SEC Size Units;
Unlimited Squads / Fire Teams

7 Companies;
Unlimited Platoons / Squads

7 Battalions
Unlimited Companies / Platoons

Maximum Qty of Major End Items of Equipment that can be Managed / Delegated
9.3 Million
Pre-Formatted DA-2062 Component Hand Receipt & Shortage Annex Forms (Digital Download)

Pre-Formatted DA-2062 Component Hand Receipt & Shortage Annex Forms
(Hard Copy, Sent to your Unit via 2-Day Priority Mail)

200 Pages
1000 Pages
10,000 Pages
100 Manuals
500 Manuals
2,000 Manuals
Technical Manuals
(Digital Download)
Hard Copies of Technical Manuals
(Sent to your Unit via 2-Day Priority Mail)
200 Pages
5000 Pages
10,000 Pages
Audio PMCS System (Digital Download)
Audio PMCS System (CD Format, Mailed to your Unit)
5 CD's
25 CD's
250 CD's
Training, Support, and Equipment Research / Lookup Services (Telephone and E-Mail)
10 Hours / Month
45 Hours / Month
200 Hours / Month
Cost --"Day Pass"
$18.70 for 24 hours
Cost -- 1-year License
$5.25/month ($63.00/year)
$22.75/month ($273/year)
$67.92/month ($815/year)
Purchase Your License
(If your higher headquarters purchases a unit account at any time while your license is still in effect, the cost of your own unit's license will be refunded in full. Terms and Conditions subject to change.)

Army Property Unit Accounts include all features included in Individual Accounts:

Interactive BII / COEI Listings on over 5,000 end items
Online Technical Manual library
Interactive, searchable NSN library
FLIS / FEDLOG data on over 80,000 NSN's
Illustrations on over 3,000 NSN's
Interactive Online Forums

In addition, Unit Accounts add a set of management tools specifically designed for unit-level commanders, XO's, and supply / logistics personnel:

1. Multi-Level Property Accountability and Delegation System

Manage thousands of items of equipment on multiple property books, across numerous organizational levels (BN / CO / PLT / SQD / End User, for example)
Immediate visibility by subordinates on any changes made by higher-level leaders
Generate and print sub-hand receipts for all end items of equipment under your ownership
Manage non-standard / COTS items, even if they do not have NSN's assigned by DLA

2. Automated DA-2062 Component Sub-Hand Receipt Generator

Convert BII / COEI listings into pre-formatted DA-2062s, for thousands of end items
Forms can be used to sign subcomponents down to subordinates during inventories
Forms can also be used as shortage annexes to document all missing subcomponents
Pre-Formatted, Hard-Copy DA-2062's (in quantities described above) mailed to your unit

3. Audio PMCS System

Before / During / After-Ops / Weekly / Monthly Checks are recorded in audio format to assist operator-level maintenance on 5 major families of equipment.
Unit Account holders are entitled to unlimited downloads of Audio PMCS recordings
Audio PMCS Compact Discs (in quantities described above) mailed to your unit

If you have any issues or questions, please contact our team and we will be happy to assist.

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