Kits for Evidence Collection and Detainee Processing (KECDP)
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Author:  armyproperty [ Fri Oct 05, 2018 8:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Kits for Evidence Collection and Detainee Processing (KECDP)

Kits for Evidence Collection and Detainee Processing (KECDP)

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Kits for evidence Collection and Detainee Processing (KECDP) consists of four (4) kits that support Military Police (MP) and Criminal Investigative Division (CID) elements, providing equipment to restrain detainees, compile accurate documentation at a crime scene, and collect evidence. This standardized collection of evidence and information will lead to successful prosecution of high value targets that are guilty or the release of those deemed innocent. The Prisoner of War (POW) Kit does not contain any of the equipment used in modern detainee operations at the point of capture. The KECDP will aid in eliminating improperly attained or mishandled processing of evidence found at the point of capture and eliminate the release of persons who would continue to engage in insurgent activities leading to injury and death of U.S. and Coalition Forces.

KECDP Estimated Army Acquisition Objective (AAO):
Individual Point of Capture Kit (IPOCK) 15,170;
Leader Point of Capture Kit (LPOCK) 4,995;
Team Evidence Collection Kit (TECK) 1,665;
Platoon Evidence Collection Kit (PECK) 1,815.
Law Enforcement Ensemble Kit (LEEK) - consists of the following: Duty Belt, Belt Keeper, Pouch Handcuff, Surgical Glove Pouch and Flashlight Holder to be used by Military Law Enforcement personnel.
LEEK funding will be moved to APE 115020000.

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