ALICE Equipment NSN's
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Author:  armyproperty [ Wed Apr 11, 2018 4:57 am ]
Post subject:  ALICE Equipment NSN's

These aren't exactly "new"...... but a lot of these items are still in strong demand. So, here they are. (Most of these are OD Green color.)

We're also including information on the "IIFS" (Integrated Individual Fighting System) which was rolled out in the late '80s / early '90s as a "replacement" for ALICE. It didn't really ever become dominant or supersede ALICE gear. Eventually in the early 2000's, MOLLE came along and replaced both ALICE and IIFS.

1. Individual Equipment Belt (aka "Web Belt" or "Pistol Belt")

2. 30rd 5.56mm Triple-Mag pouch:

3. Suspenders (aka "LCE" or "LBE" Suspenders):

4. Entrenching Tool case:
* E-Tool:

5. Canteen case:
* 1-quart canteen:
* Canteen cup:

6. First-Aid case / compass case:

7. Medium ALICE Rucksack, IAW TM 10-8400-203-23
OD Green rucksack body, with liner:
OD Green rucksack body, without liner:
Woodland Camo rucksack body, without liner:
OD Green pouch flap assembly:
Woodland Camo pouch flap assembly:
* Liner:

8. Large ALICE Rucksack
Rucksack body with liner:
Rucksack body without liner:
Pouch flap assembly:
Rucksack body with liner, tan, for Saudi Arabian Army:

9. ALICE Rucksack frame (works with large and medium ALICE packs)
Aluminum frame, with woodland camo shoulder straps and waistbelt:

10. Large Rucksack cover
Class 1 - White:
Class 2 - 6-Color Desert ("Chocolate Chip"):
Class 3 - Woodland Camouflage:
Class 4 - 3-Color Desert Camouflage (DCU):
White, Nylon Cloth, IAW MIL-C-44431:

11. Individual Tactical Load-Bearing Vest (ITLBV, more commonly known as the LBV)
PGC: 20714; USMC TAMCN: C34982F; U.S. Army LIN: V02073
* Note, the same NSN applies to original and "Enhanced" LBV (ETLBV), which has slotted ammo pouches and mesh to improve ventilation

12. 40mm Grenade Carrying Vest ("M203 Vest"):

13. "Field Pack, Large, with Internal Frame" (FPLIF), aka "Combat Field Pack, M1990" or CFP-90:
Field Pack:
Patrol Pack:

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