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Useful NSN's (National Stock Numbers)

The ArmyProperty team has built up a collection of useful items and their NSN's; generally broken down into major categories as shown below.

  NEW: Find Component Hand Receipts:  

If you can't find the NSN you are looking for:

1.  Run a search our site (use the box at the top right).
2.  Check our newly found NSN's (which are not on this list yet).
3.  Use the forums to submit an "NSN Search" request
4.  Contact Us if it's an urgent NSN request.

How to Acquire Unit-level supply personnel should use the Class II / IX supply system to requisition these items, using the provided NSN's.  Alternatively, PR&C's could be used, or for small-quantity orders IMPAC / GPC cards could work as well (via the ArmyProperty Store or other vendors).  Contact Us for larger quantities or items that you're having a hard time finding.  Soldiers and leaders should use official channels to the maximum extent before spending their own money to purchase these items. 


NEW: Army Combat Shirt (ACS)
NEW: IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit)
NEW: Wiley-X Goggles and Wiley-X Gloves
NEW: Oakley
NEW: Flashlights (SureFire, BlackHawk, MagLite, Phantom Warrior, LazerBrite, Krill Lights)
NEW: Camelbak Impact CT Gloves
NEW: Revision Eyewear (Sawfly & Locust Goggles)
Camelbaks and Hydration Systems
Updated: BLACKHAWK! NSN List
MOLLE Rifleman Set
MOLLE Vests and Pouches
Multi-Tools: Leatherman, Gerber, SOG; COMPLETE LIST (Knives / Multi-Tools)
LaserGrips for pistols
Replacement parts for Individual Soldier RFI items (Wiley-X goggles, sleeping bags, ACH Helmet, etc.)
Class A Uniforms, Shirts, Shoes, Patches, and Insignia
Desert Boots
PT Uniforms
NVG Accessories
OCIE (Organizational Clothing and Individual Equipment); also see this list (Large, 3MB) and this one
ECWCS Gen III (Extended Cold Weather Clothing System, Generation 3) NSN's


ACU Uniforms (Coat / Trouser)
ACU Underwear 
ACU Air Warrior Ensemble
ACU Unit Patches
ACU Rank and Insignia
ACU Wet / Cold Weather Gear (Gore-Tex)
ACU Gloves
ACU Headgear
ACU Kneepads
ACU Maternity Uniforms
ACU Specialty Uniforms


NEW: Training Ammo  (Paintball Ammo for military weapons; etc)
NEW: Training Gear  (Pugil sticks; Combatives / Boxing equipment; etc)
Tape:  Page 1 (Mostly Duct Tape) / Page 2 / Page 3
Water Coolers
Paper Shredders
Computer Printers (mostly HP models; some other companies too)
Printer Cartridges (original list); NEW Additional Printer Cartridge NSNs (hundreds more; constantly being updated)
Computer Equipment (this list is a few years old)
Hardigg Cases
Pelican Cases (and Pelican Flashlights)
Sundry Items


NEW: Warrior Aid and Litter Kit
New (April 2006) Combat Lifesaver Bag
Improved First-Aid Kit
US Army "Major Medical Assemblages"
Medical Controlled Subs List (Obviously, these are for ordering and use by qualified and certified medical personnel only)


Every NSN a SIGO Needs to Know (over 600 items, extremely comprehensive.  Shows everything from complete radio sets to individual cables and minor repair parts.)  (Also see this version and this one.)
Antenna Parts
Connection Cables
Commo Wire
MSE Parts (also see this list)
VIC-1 Intercom Parts
Ultimate list of Combat Vehicle Crewman (CVC) helmets; includes "guts" and "shell", VIC-1 / VIS-3, and new Kevlar shell NSN's


NEW: Class IX NSN's (Hundreds)
Class IIP and IIIP items, including Mil-Tec weapon lube
Misc. Supplies
Misc. NSN's (also see this list)
Class IIIP (Packaged POL Products) This is about the longest and most comprehensive list that we have seen.
NSN's for various POL-related items
Truck Repair Parts
Small Arms Repair Part bench stock listing.  (Caution -- you will need to check with your unit S2 regarding SARP ordering and storage policies before building a bench stock.)
Master LIN Table (Has over 240 LINs listed); also, another LIN Table
LIN / SUBLIN Substitution Table (Used for matching LIN and Substitute LIN in supply-constrained environments)

7.  Tent Heaters -- One of the few models that are actually approved for use inside Army tents.  The large tent heater is manufactured by Hurricane Heaters.   It will easily keep a battalion TOC (roughly 3-4 SICPS tents attached together) 60 plus degrees when it is sub-freezing outdoors. 

8.  Pistol Lanyards.  These aren't just useful for your M9 (or other pistol), they can be used to tie down ANCD's, PLGRs, and other sensitive items.  NSN 8465-00-965-1705 is green nylon, and 8465-00-262-5237 is white.  Blackhawk! also makes a pistol lanyard which is made of a coiled, black rubber-coated steel cable, with NSN 4020-01-493-8335.  The coiled lanyards will usually make it through a year-long deployment, and their flexible, retractable characteristics mean they won't get tangled up with the rest of your gear, compared to a "straight" nylon lanyard.

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