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DA and DD Forms in Microsoft Word

Listed in Prefix (DA or DD) order, then by form number

ArmyProperty.com maintains the following MS Word formatted DA and DD Forms in our library.  You are welcome to download and use them as you wish.  Be advised, some of them may not be in use any longer (the DA-4697, Report of Survey, is a good example), in your unit; please check with your publications clerk to make sure you are using the most current ones.

DA Form 11-2-R Management Control Evaluation Certification Statement
DA Form 31 Request and Authority for Leave
DA Form 638 Recommendation for Award
DA Form 1256 Incentive Award Nomination and Approval
DA Form 1380 Record of Individual Performance of Reserve Duty Training
DA Form 2028 Recommended Changes to Publications and Blank Forms
DA Form 2062 Hand Receipt/Annex Number
DA Form 2302-R Civilian Qualification Record
DA Form 2440 Suggestion Evaluation
DA Form 2446 Request for Orders
DA Form 3161 Request for Issue or Turn-In
Page 1 DA 3433, Application for NAF Employment
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
DA Form 4187 Personnel Action
DA Form 4651R Request for Reserve Component or Attachment
DA Form 4697 Department of Army Report of Survey
DA Form 4949 Administrative Adjustment Report (AAR)
DA Form 5172-R Request, Authorization, and Report of Overtime
DA Form 5470-R Employee's Statement of Accomplishments
DA Form 5470-11 Employee's Statements of Accomplishments
(Part 1) DA Form 5470-12R, ACCES Safety & Occupational Management Career Program (CP-12)
(Part 2)
DA Form 7222 Senior System Civilian Evaluation Report
DA Form 7223 Base System Civilian Evaluation Report
DA Form 7223-1 Base System Civilian Performance Counseling Checklist/Record
DD Form 218 DOD Telephone Directory Alphabetical Section Change Order
DD Form 398 Department of Defense Personnel Security Questionnaire
DD Form 398-2 Department of Defense National Agency Questionnaire
DD Form 1131 Cash Collection Voucher
DD Form 1351-2 Travel Voucher or Sub-voucher
DD Form 1351-2C Travel Voucher or Sub-voucher (Continuation Sheet)
DD Form 1415-1 Reprogramming Action
DD Form 1556 Request, Authorization, Agreement, Certification of Training and Reimbursement
DD Form 1610 Travel Orders (Request and Authorization for TDY Travel of DOD Personnel)
DD Form 2136 Insert for the Record
DD Form 2272 DoD Safety and Occupational Health Protection Program
OF 41 Routing and Transmittal Slip
OF 612 Optional Application for Federal Employment
SF 7-B Employee Record
SF 71 Application for Leave
SF 171 Application for Federal Employment
SF 1034 Public Voucher for Purchases and Services Other Than Personal
SF 1049 Public Voucher for Refunds
SF 1080 Voucher for Transfers Between Appropriations and/or Funds
SF 1164 Claim for Reimbursement for Expenditures on Official Business
SF 1190 Foreign Allowance Application Grant and Report
SF 10-R-E Staff Action Form
Form 448 Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request (MIPR)
Form 448-2 Acceptance of MIPR