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XM110 (redesignated M110) Semi-Automatic Sniper System (SASS)

NSN 1005-01-534-2841

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The following information was collected from from the PM Crew Served Weapons / PEO Soldier website, and other open-source information sources.

The XM110 Semi-Automatic Sniper System (SASS) is an anti-personnel and light materiel weapon that fires 7.62mm ammunition out to a maximum effective range of [max range removed by]. It leverages a rapid fire/rapid reload design, variable day optic sight, and 10- or 20-round magazine.  The weapon system exceeds the rate-of-fire and lethality of M24 SWS.  The XM110 (combat ready with suppressor) weighs 17.3 pounds and includes: detachable folding bipod, enhanced spotting scope (XM151), and a MIL-STD-1913 rail.  Accessories include: hard and soft cases, 10- and 20-round magazines, cleaning/maintenance equipment, and manuals.

Performance Characteristics
7.62mm ammunition
Rapid fire/rapid reload design
Exceeds M24 SWS rate-of-fire and lethality
10- or 20-round magazines
Variable day optic sight
17.3 lbs (combat ready)
15.3 lbs (weapon weight with scope, bipod, and a loaded
20-round magazine)
70 lbs (complete system within the carrying case)
Overall length: 40.5 inches (buttstock fully compressed)
Overall length, with suppressor attached: 46.5 inches
(buttstock fully compressed)

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