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Quick Erect Antenna Mast System (QEAM)

NSN 5985-01-381-6341, Model AB-1386/8

The QEAM is a mobile quick erect antenna mast used for elevating tactical communications antennas to a maximum height of 33 ft (10M) which results in more reliable communications over extended ranges. 

The QEAM replaces the OE-254, which is vastly more difficult to raise and lower due to its large volume of mast sections and other parts which are easily lost. 

The QEAM mast can mount antenna receivers (feed cones, etc) such as the AS-3166 (P/O OE-254), MP-68 (P/O RC-292), AS-4292 (P/O MSE) and A3005068 (P/O EPLRS).  The mast can be deployed and  operated in ground and vehicular (wheeled and tracked) mounted configurations.  The mast can be erected in 7 minutes with two persons and in 15 minutes with one person. 

A funded requisition for NSN 5985-01-381-6341 will provide the quick erect antenna mast with ground mounting accessories.  For vehicle mounting applications (the preferred mode), see below for appropriate NSN's.

For more information, check out the QEAM information page (PDF), or go to the Will-Burt website. has also rounded up some Preventive Maintenance and Safety information from PS magazine.

Related End Items
NSN Description
(Various) ASIP / SINCGARS FM Commo System
Various Power invertersElectronic devices which convert military vehicles' 24-volt DC power into 120-volt household AC power, in order to run computers, tools, and other equipment.
5820-01-433-1109 Harris HF/VHF "Falcon II" Radio (RT-1694) (PRC-138 PRC-138 manpack transceiver, and vehicular version (RF-5200V-150A, also called Harris 150.)
5820-01-444-1219 Receiver-Transmitter RT-1523E(C)/U (ASIP Radio).  LIN R30343.  Replaced the older, larger SINCGARS radio.  This is a "component" of every PRC/VRC radio set, but is carried on unit property books as a separate end item.

Typical Accessories (non major end items)

NSN Description
5975-01-390-5770 QEAM HMMWV Mounting Kit, MT-6967/G
5975-01-390-9612 QEAM Track Vehicle Mounting Kit (for M113 / M577 series), MT-6968/G
5985-01-451-2963 Transport Case (canvas carrying case)
5985-01-074-6684 AS-3166 feed cone assembly (terminal component of OE-254; six antenna elements screw into it).  Required in order to use the QEAM for FM communications.

Commonly Needed Repair Parts

NSN Description
5340-01-424-1503 Hand crank that drives the drive screw; this item is easily mislaid and lost.
5985-01-254-9557 Drive winch; used to raise / lower the mast; can sometimes fail due to dirt and dust infiltration.
3010-01-421-6827 Gearbox; can also fail due to dirt and dust
5210-01-424-7408 Level Indicator on gearbox
5985-01-423-8576 Antenna to antenna-base adapter
5985-01-072-4342 Support sleeve (typically required when changing antenna-antenna base adapter
5315-00-628-3806 Quick-release pin
4010-01-421-0428 Lanyard for quick-release pin
5985-01-424-7413 Tripod antenna; can be damaged by a broken quick-release pin

Item Manager POC: AMSEL-LC-COM-C, DSN 987-4097, Comm 732-427-4097.

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