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M4 Carbine, 5.56mm, NSN 1005-01-231-0973, LIN R97234 (In Common Usage)

M4A1 Carbine, 5.56mm, NSN 1005-01-382-0953 (Full-Automatic version, more rarely used)

The M4/M4A1 5.56mm Carbine is a lightweight, gas operated, air cooled, magazine fed, selective rate, shoulder fired weapon with a collapsible stock. Equipped with a shorter barrel, collapsible stock and detachable carrying handle (with a built-in accessory rail) it provides soldiers operating in close quarters with improved handling and the capability to rapidly and accurately engage targets at extended range, day or night. A shortened variant of the M16A2 rifle, the M4 provides the individual soldier operating in close quarters the capability to engage targets at extended range with accurate, lethal fire. The M4-series Carbine achieves over 80% commonality with the M16A2 Rifle and replaces all M3 .45 caliber submachine guns, and selected M9 pistols and M16 rifles.

The COEI / BII Listings and Component Hand Receipts on are valid for these two rifles.


Video:  TOP 10 Combat Rifles of All Time - M16 family (No.2)

Typical Accessories:

ACOG Scope (Multiple NSN)

M4 Triple Mag Pouch

M4 Staggered Mag Pouch

CQD Sling (NSN# 8415-01-504-3087)



Major End Items
NSN Description
1010-00-179-6447 M203, 40mm Grenade Launcher
5855-01-398-4315 PAQ-4 infrared laser designator
5855-01-447-8992 PEQ-2 infrared spotlight / laser designator
1240-01-492-5264 EOTech 1x Holographic-Diffraction Optical Reflex Sight
5855-01-432-0524 PVS-14, Monocular NVG
5860-01-471-2091 Laser Borelight System (LBS); used for field-zeroing mechanical and optical sights
RFI (Rapid Fielding Initiative) Accessories (Major End Items).  Fielded routinely to units through Force Modernization program, or through RFI bulk-issue during prep for deployment.
1005-01-452-3527 M4 Rail Adapter System (allows installation of accessories, such as a PEQ-2 or Surefire Tac-Light on front handguard)
1240-01-534-1114 and others ACOG (Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight) and other magnified and unmagnified optical sights, manufactured by Trijicon.
1240-01-411-1265 M68 CCO (Close Combat Optic) 1x "Red Dot" Optical Reflex Sight, manufactured by Aimpoint
RFI (Rapid Fielding Initiative) Accessories (Non Major End Items).  Fielded routinely to units through Force Modernization program, or through RFI bulk-issue during prep for deployment.
NSN Description
1005-01-541-1772 Rifle Bipod; Also called Forward Grip Bipod.  Not typically installed on M4 due to space constraints, but it is probably physically possible
1005-01-449-6306; 1005-01-484-8000 Backup Iron Sight.  Installed in conjunction with ACOG or other optical sights; provides redundant means for aiming if optical sights fail or become detached from the weapon.
1005-01-541-1771 Tactical Sling; Also called 3-Point Sling (Click Here for more sling NSN's)
(TBP; LIN ZA905D) Enhanced sliding M4/M4A1 buttstock assembly
Other Accessories, Non Major End Items
NSN Description
Various SureFire Tactical Flashlight
4020-01-493-8337 Tactical Sling (not the RFI version), made by Blackhawk! and distributed through the Army supply system.  Carries weapon across chest, muzzle oriented downward, "at the ready"; (Click Here for more sling NSN's)
1005-01-520-5992 / 1005-99-126-9781 Heckler & Koch (HK) High-Reliability Steel Magazine
1005-01-541-2477 Multiple magazine holder; New AAL Item, may be included in RFI in the future
1005-01-541-2476 Forward rail bracket (also called CQB kit mini-rail); New AAL Item, may be included in RFI in the future
1005-00-921-5004 Standard 30-round magazine
1005-01-361-8208 M23 Blank Firing Adapter / Attachment (yellow in color, for M4 rifle only; red BFA, M15A2, NSN 1005-00-118-6192, is for the M16 rifle only)
5340-00-880-7666 Cap, Protective, Dust.  Keeps dust and dirt from entering the muzzle during normal operations, and can be left in place until the weapon is fired, but must be removed periodically to prevent rust build-up.

Related End Items ("Also See...")

NSN Description
1005-00-073-9421 M16A1, Rifle, 5.56mm (Phased out in 1980s and 1990s; in service for two decades; fully automatic)
1005-01-128-9936 M16A2, Rifle, 5.56mm (Most widely-used M16 variant, uses 3-round burst mode)
1005-01-367-5112 M16A3, Rifle, 5.56mm (Rare, full-automatic version of M16A2)
1005-01-383-2872 M16A4, Rifle, 5.56mm (Similar to M16A2, with 3-round burst mode, but with detachable carrying handle and modular rail system)
1005-00-903-0751 M134 Minigun ("Gatling Gun"), 7.62mm
1005-00-589-1271 M14, Rifle, 7.62mm
TBP Rifle, 5.56mm, HK416
1005-01-469-2133 Rifle, .50 Caliber, Sniper:  XM107 (Barrett Family)
1005-01-534-2841 XM110 Semi-Automatic Sniper System (SASS)
1005-01-240-2136 M24, Sniper Rifle, 7.62mm
1005-01-081-4582 M231, Submachine Gun, 5.56mm (Firing Port Weapon for Bradley)
1005-01-127-7510 M249, Machine Gun, 5.56mm, Belt and Magazine-Fed (Squad Automatic Weapon)
1005-01-118-2640 M9, Pistol, 9mm, Automatic, Beretta (Model 92F)
1005-00-017-9701 M7, Bayonet, Multi-Purpose (Older Model)
1005-01-227-1739 M9, Bayonet, Multi-Purpose (New Model, with saw blade and integral wire cutter)

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