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M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tank

LIN T13168, NSN 2350-01-087-1095

The COEI / BII Listings and Component Hand Receipts on are valid for the M1A1 Main Battle Tank.  The M1A2 and SEP ("System Enhancement Package") models have a completely different set of accountability documents.  See below for accessories and related end items.

Video #1 of 3:  M1A1 from Alpha Company, Task Force 1-64 Armor, 3ID during "Thunder Run" Attack into Baghdad, 5 April 2003

Video #2 of 3:  M1 Abrams providing direct fire support for dismounted infantry during close-quarters urban combat (unknown location and date)

Typical Accessories:

Major End Items
NSN Description
(Various) ASIP / SINCGARS FM Commo System
(Various) CIP Kit; (and TIP Panel, a Class IX item)
1040-01-107-7501 M250 Smoke Grenade Launcher system
1005-00-957-3893 / 1005-01-025-8095 Crew Served Weapons (M2 .50 cal / M240, 7.62mm)
4933-01-236-2884 Boresighting Equipment (MBD), M27A1 (LIN B90494)
6115-01-459-4514 / 6115-01-369-7465 Generator Set, Diesel (EAPU for M1 Series Tank)
1290-00-891-9999 Quadrant, Fire Control, Gunner's, M1A1
Other Accessories, Non Major End Items
NSN Description
5130-01-536-6492 Portable, self (battery) powered electric impact wrench
6130-01-527-2726 Vehicle-mounted charger for radio batteries
3rd Party Accessories -- COTS (Commercial, Off-the-Shelf)
Company Description
Various Power inverters:  Electronic devices which convert military vehicles' 24-volt DC power into 120-volt household AC power, in order to run computers, tools, and other equipment.

Video #3 of 3:  M1 Abrams attacking enemy forces in Samarra (unknown date)


Related End Items ("Also See...")

NSN Description
2350-01-248-7619 / 2350-01-248-7620 M2A2 / M3A2 Bradley Fighting Vehicle
(Various) M113A2 and M113A3 family of Armored Personnel Carriers
(Various) M88A1 Recovery Vehicle
(Various) HMMWV (most models); or, M1114 series
(Various) LMTV Series Cargo Truck (4 x 4, 2.5-Ton)

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