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M101 / M116-Series, 3/4-Ton Cargo Trailer; LIN W95537, Various NSNs.  

The COEI / BII Listings and Component Hand Receipts on, extracted from TM 9-2330-202-14&P, are valid for the following M101 / M116 - series trailer models.  Be advised that the TM shows no COEI or BII, but a few items of AAL (bow and tarp kit, lug wrench, etc).
NSN Nomenclature Model Supplemental Notes
2330-00-738-9509 TRAILER, CARGO, 3/4-TON, 2-WHEEL M101 This trailer is not specifically covered by the TM, but it is not believed to differ from the M101A2, which is covered by the TM, and has no COEI or BII.
2330-01-102-4697 M101 A2 3/4-Ton cargo trailer
2330-01-372-5641 M101 OlA3
2330-01-101-8434 TRAILER, CHASSIS, 3/4-TON, 2-WHEEL M116A2 3/4-Ton trailer, frame and wheels only
2330-01-333-9773 M116A2E1
2330-01-359-0080 TRAILER, CHASSIS, 1-TON, 2-WHEEL M116A3 1-Ton trailer, frame and wheels only

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NSN Description
(Various) HMMWV (most models); or, M1114 series
(Various) LMTV Series Cargo Truck (4 x 4, 2.5-Ton)
(Various) FMTV Series Cargo Truck (6 x 6, 5-Ton)
(Various) 2.5-Ton Truck.  Old / obsolete, "Deuce and a Half" M35-series cargo truck, which has been replaced, in many units, by the LMTV Series.
(Various) 5-Ton Truck.  Old / obsolete, M923-series cargo truck, which has been replaced, in many units, by the FMTV Series.
(Various) HEMTT Series Cargo Truck (8 x 8, 10-Ton)
(Various) M105-Series Cargo Trailer
(Various) "Water Buffalo" Water Trailer

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