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LMTV (2.5 Ton, 4x4 Cargo Truck)

The COEI / BII Listings and Component Hand Receipts on, extracted from TM 9-2320-365-10, are valid for the LMTV models listed below.  (The term "LMTV," used in this context, refers to the 2.5-ton variant only.  The term "FMTV" is generally used in reference to 5-ton versions of this truck.)  The LMTV is the replacement for the old "Deuce and a Half" M35 truck series.
NSN Nomenclature Model Supplemental Notes
2320-01-354-3385 Truck, Cargo: LMTV M1078 W/O WN M1078 Basic LMTV cargo truck, most widely fielded model, usually comes equipped with troop seats, bows and tarp
2320-01-360-1898 Truck, Cargo: LMTV M1078 W/WN M1078 LMTV with winch.  Typically used by maintenance personnel in maneuver battalions.
2320-01-354-3384 Truck, Van: LMTV M1079 W/O WN M1079 Built-up LMTV.  Used by Forward Support Battalions' (FSB's / BSB's) maintenance companies.
2320-01-360-1891 Truck, Van: LMTV M1079 W/WN M1079 Built-up LMTV with winch.
2320-01-353-9098 Truck, Chassis: LMTV M1080 M1080 LMTV without a bed.  Cab and frame only.
2320-01-355-3064 Truck, Cargo: LMTV M1081 AIR DROP W/O WN M1081 Possible airborne variant of the LMTV.
2320-01-360-1899 Truck, Cargo: LMTV M1081 AIR DROP W/WN M1081 Possible airborne variant of the LMTV, with winch.

Typical Accessories:

Major End Items
NSN Description
(Various) ASIP / SINCGARS FM Commo System (not traditionally installed on LMTV, but it can be done.)
5985-01-381-6341 QEAM (Quick Erect Antenna Mount) System.  Vehicle-mounted, 10-meter, telescopic long-range antenna.  Replaces OE-254.  Also not traditionally installed on the LMTV, but would make sense in a mobile-CP role.
(Various) CIP Kit; (and TIP Panel, a Class IX item)
(Various) Crew Served Weapon
(Various) Crew Served Weapon Mounting System (M66 ring mount)
(Various) M100 SDS
Other Accessories, Non Major End Items
NSN Description
5130-01-536-6492 Portable, self (battery) powered electric impact wrench
6130-01-527-2726 Vehicle-mounted charger for radio batteries
3rd Party Accessories -- COTS (Commercial, Off-the-Shelf)
Company Description
Various Power inverters:  Electronic devices which convert military vehicles' 24-volt DC power into 120-volt household AC power, in order to run computers, tools, and other equipment.

Related End Items ("Also See...")

NSN Description
2350-01-087-1095 M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tank
2350-01-248-7619 / 2350-01-248-7620 M2A2 / M3A2 Bradley Fighting Vehicle
(Various) HMMWV (most models); or, M1114 series
(Various) FMTV Series Cargo Truck (6 x 6, 5-Ton)
(Various) 2.5-Ton Truck.  Old / obsolete, "Deuce and a Half" M35-series cargo truck, which has been replaced, in many units, by the LMTV Series.
(Various) 5-Ton Truck.  Old / obsolete, M923-series cargo truck, which has been replaced, in many units, by the FMTV Series.
(Various) HEMTT Series Cargo Truck (8 x 8, 10-Ton)
(Various) M101-Series Cargo Trailer
(Various) M105-Series Cargo Trailer
(Various) "Water Buffalo" Water Trailer

The Complete MTV ("Medium Tactical Vehicle") Family

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