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M2A2 and M3A2 Bradley Fighting Vehicle

The BII / COEI Listings and Component Hand Receipts on are valid for the following Bradley Fighting Vehicle models.  These listings incorporate the BII and COEI for the Bradley's installed cannon (Gun, 25MM, M242, NSN 1005-01-465-3466; Gun, 25MM, M242 ENH, NSN 1005-01-464-9432).
Valid? LIN NSN Nomenclature
YES F40375 2350-01-248-7619 M2A2 Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV)
YES F60530 2350-01-248-7620 M3A2 Cavalry Fighting Vehicle (CFV)
NO J81750 2350-01-048-5920 M2 IFV
NO C76335 2350-01-049-2695 M3 CFV
NO F40375 2350-01-405-9886 M2A2-ODS (post-Operation Desert Storm upgrade package)
NO F60530 2350-01-405-9887 M3A2-ODS
NO F60564 2350-01-436-0005 M2A3
NO F90796 2350-01-436-0007 M3A3
NO C00384 2350-01-448-0368 M6 LINEBACKER (Air Defense model)
NO F86571 2350-01-432-1526 M7 BFIST (Indirect Fire Support model)

Photo:  Bradley from TM C/3-15, Task Force 1-64 Armor during the attack to seize Baghdad, April 2003

Video:  Bradley engaging enemy forces with 25mm (unknown location and date)

 Typical Accessories:
Major End Items
NSN Description
(Various) ASIP / SINCGARS FM Commo System
(Various) CIP Kit; (and TIP Panel, a Class IX item)
1040-01-107-7501 M257 Smoke Grenade Launcher system
1005-01-085-4758 Coaxial Machine Gun (M240C, 7.62mm)
Other Accessories, Non Major End Items
NSN Description
5130-01-536-6492 Portable, self (battery) powered electric impact wrench
6130-01-527-2726 Vehicle-mounted charger for radio batteries
3rd Party Accessories -- COTS (Commercial, Off-the-Shelf)
Company Description
Various Power inverters:  Electronic devices which convert military vehicles' 24-volt DC power into 120-volt household AC power, in order to run computers, tools, and other equipment.

Related End Items ("Also See...")

NSN Description
(Various) M113A2 and M113A3 family of Armored Personnel Carriers
2350-01-087-1095 M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tank
(Various) M88A1 Recovery Vehicle
(Various) HMMWV (most models); or, M1114 series
(Various) LMTV Series Cargo Truck (4 x 4, 2.5-Ton)

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