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NEW: DA-2062 Component Hand Receipts and Shortage Annexes

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Good Property Accountability Saves Soldiers' Lives.
The mission of is to build powerful software that puts the tools of professional logisticians into the hands of combat Soldiers. Our system was invented in Iraq in 2005, and it lets small units easily manage and delegate combat equipment at the squad / detachment, platoon, or higher levels, if PBUSE or other tools are not available or sufficient.  Authorized users can view component listings extracted from TM's, and create component hand receipts, shortage annexes, asset visibility reports, and other products, in a matter of minutes instead of hours or days. 

The system is free for individual users.
Our development team has 106 months of total overseas service, including multiple combat deployments at the fire team leader through Company Commander levels. Our extremely close connection with users in the field enables us to design and deploy new features and capabilities, months or years before the acquisition system decides they are necessary. Because we are not constrained by the process of replying to formal solicitations and "requirements documents," we can rapidly respond to the evolving needs of units and Soldiers deployed worldwide, who do not have time to wait for a "school solution."

Over 28,000 officers, NCOs, and Soldiers have registered for unit-level and individual accounts.
The Army G4's office, LOGSA, AMC, and other agencies, as well as multiple officers at the O-6 level and above, have been briefed on our system. In addition, the ArmyProperty team has been awarded numerous contracts by the Army, Navy, and Air Force, as well as other goverment agencies. As a commercial product, most of our system's features are free, but some of our advanced software tools require the purchase of a unit license. This is trade-off that we are forced to accept in the time-honored tradition of bottom-up adoption that has brought innovations such as the Camelbak, SCAR rifle, MultiCam uniform, and Advanced Combat Helmet into widespread use and high-level recognition.


Barcode Property Management Solutions Now Available - May 25, 2009

As part of our mission of providing property management and accountability solutions for the military, we have tested several different barcode scanning systems and found a scanner/software combination that is cost-effective yet extremely functional. With this system, you can conduct a monthly 100% sensitive items inventory in 70-80% less time than the "paper and pencil" method. We have been awarded contracts for this system at Fort Drum and elsewhere. Feel free to check out our page on the barcode scanner system or contact us with questions or purchasing information.


LMTV audio PMCS now available for registered users

The audio PMCS for the M1078 series LMTV is now available for download. We also have the audio PMCSs for the M998 series HMMWV, the M1114 series HMMWV, and the M1151 series HMMWV.



Motivational Video #1 of 3:  M198 Howitzer 155mm
"Fire For Effect," 10 rounds HEPD

(Sorry, videos are sometimes blocked by official networks... you'll need to watch these at home, or if you're deployed, try an internet cafe)

Motivational Video #2 of 3:  Operation Phantom Fury
(Task Force 2-2 Infantry, 1st ID, Fallujah, November 2004)

(Additional videos located in the information pages for weapons and vehicles listed above, as well as on our forums.  Most Popular:  M1A1 Abrams, M134 Minigun, M121 Mortar).

Used as intended, has the potential to save hundreds of hours of wasted time, and will free up key personnel to "do their job" of training and leading squads, platoons, and companies, which is what they came into the Army to do! 

CAUTION:  Units that are deployed in combat zones or have sensitive / classified property assigned to them, need to ensure they are in compliance with applicable regulations regarding data security.  This is not a DOD website, and is not intended as a substitute for the military logistics system (PBUSE, SAMS-E, GCSS-A, etc).  (See our OPSEC policy for more info.)  It is simply intended for units and leaders who have large quantities of property to manage, but do not have access to the official property management tools they need, so their only alternative is to use the disaster-prone "paper and pencil" method of recordkeeping.  If experience is a guide, that includes about 98% of the population. 

Motivational Video #3 of 3:  Operation Phantom Fury   
(3/1 Marines, Fallujah, November 2004)

Also, for your awareness, you will see Google ads on this site.  There is also an online store which is intended for IMPAC / GPC / personal purchasing, if you have already tried and failed to procure your items using the Army supply system.  These features are currently subsidizing the free, online, property accountability system.  They offset the cost of producing and hosting the content, including a customized online database, security features, etc. 

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